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Fire Mountain

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Fire Mountain
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The Fire Mountain is an island in The Wind Waker.[1]

Features and Overview

Fishman's Comment

Hoy! Small fry!

Fire Mountain

You see that there volcano that's spewing out lava like there's no tomorrow? Yeah, well, they say there's a great treasure hidden inside that thing. The thing is, everyone who's ever tried to get inside has just been blasted away by the great balls of fire that come shooting off the top. If you want to get inside, you ought to find the island that's one square north and four squares west of here. That's where the power to freeze anything is hidden.

Tingle's Comment


Fire Mountain

I've always wondered... Mr. Fairy! Isn't that green suit hot? My outfit's so tight that I get really sweaty. I want clothes that breathe... And I don't want to go anywhere too hot! No, sir!

The island is a violent volcano one sector south of Dragon Roost Island. After meeting with the Fairy Queen on Mother & Child Isles, Link may fire an Ice Arrow at the flames protruding from the island. These flames will freeze, and Link will have five minutes in order to complete the island before it begins to erupt again.

After cooling the island, the young hero must scale the rock face and make his way to the volcano's peak, where there is a small cavern drop hole he must enter. In the small cavern within, Link must jump from rock to rock across the lava, and defeat the two Magtails at the end of the cavern to reveal this island's treasure, the Power Bracelets. The timer will stop, and using the Power Bracelets, Link must lift the large stone boulder in order to exit.

In the surrounding waters, a Big Octo lurks, rewarding 100 Rupees upon its defeat.

Minor Enemies


  • A beta version of the main island, called "kazan," is present in the game files and can be accessed using the map select or exit modifier codes.[2] Differences from the final version include very early textures on the water and rocks (a static purple color for the water and a simple checkerboard for the rocks) and a larger entrance at the top.
    • The inside of the mountain also has a beta version present. It is much larger than the final version; it consists of a room containing the main warp in and out, then a hallway, followed by the main room, where Link must jump across lava on platforms while dodging Fire Keese. The treasure chest at the end of the room contains the Power Bracelets, but another room, similar to the first, is behind it; it contains nothing. The room also uses early textures, like the outside, though not as primitive.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 火山島 (Kazantō) Volcano-Isle
French Republic FrenchEU Montagne de Feu Fire Mountain
Federal Republic of Germany German Ignis-Spitze Ignis Peak
Italian Republic Italian Vulcanalia
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Isla del Volcán Volcano Island



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  2. The Cutting Room Floor
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