Fire Chuchu

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Fire Chuchu
BotW Fire Chuchu Model.png
Main appearance(s)
3 (small)
20 (medium)
48 (large)

Fire Chuchus are enemies in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hyrule Compendium Entry

085 (085) Fire Chuchu
BotW Hyrule Compendium Fire Chuchu.png
This low-level gel monster is engulfed in flames. Its strength varies depending on its size. It tends to explode if attacked from close range, so the use of spears, arrows, and other ranged weapons is advised.
Common Locations
Eldin Canyon
Eldin Mountains
Recoverable Materials
Red Chuchu Jelly

Fire Chuchus are flaming Chuchus that appear in hot places, such as the Eldin Region. They leave trails of Fire behind them as they move, setting anything flammable on Fire, such as grass or wood. They attack by dashing forward and emitting a blast of Fire around them. If hit by their attack, Link is temporarily set on Fire unless he is wearing the full Flamebreaker Set, which applies the Fireproof Set Bonus. After attacking, Fire Chuchus temporarily lose their fiery coating and become a darker color, leaving them vulnerable to attack. If they are defeated while on Fire, they will explode with a fiery blast. Fire Chuchus drop Red Chuchu Jelly after being defeated.


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