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Fire-Breath Lizalfos

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Fire-Breath Lizalfos
BotW Fire-Breath Lizalfos Model.png
Habitat(s)Eldin Canyon
Gerudo Desert
SpoilsLizalfos Horn
Lizalfos Talon
Red Lizalfos Tail

Fire-Breath Lizalfos are enemies in Breath of the Wild.[1] They are visually distinct from other types of Lizalfos due to their red and orange coloration. Incarnations of normal, green-colored Lizalfos from previous Zelda games can breathe fire, but in Breath of the Wild, only this variety can do so.


Hyrule Compendium Entry

117 (120) Fire-Breath Lizalfos
BotW Hyrule Compendium Fire-Breath Lizalfos.png
These quick-witted, lizard-like monsters can be found all over Hyrule. Their fiery breath makes them pretty dangerous, but exposure to cold will kill them instantly. They mainly make their homes in volcanic areas but have also been sighted in the Akkala region.
Common Locations
Eldin Canyon
Gerudo Desert
Recoverable Materials
Lizalfos Horn Lizalfos Talon Red Lizalfos Tail

The Fire-Breath Lizalfos is one of the elemental variants of the Lizalfos race. With all the agility of its species, this particular creature can breathe a stream of fire and will follow Link as he tries to move away from the flames. Hitting it with an ice attack will instantly kill it.[2] It is commonly found in volcanic areas around the Eldin Region and can survive and swim in molten lava. If it is defeated in while in lava, its dropped items will be instantly incinerated and Link will not be able to collect them.


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