Fighter Spirit

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Fighter Spirit
SSBU Zelda Spirit Icon.png
Main appearance(s)
G 300

Fighter Spirits are items in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[1]

Location and Uses

Fighter Spirits are the Spirits of Fighters. They can be obtained by clearing a Fighter's Classic Mode Route or by purchasing them from the Shop for G 300. Fighter Spirits serve no purpose other than for viewing in the Spirit List.

List of Fighter Spirits

No. Spirit Origin
172 SSBU Link Spirit Icon.png
Breath of the Wild
173 SSBU Zelda Spirit Icon.png
A Link Between Worlds
174 SSBU Sheik Spirit Icon.png
Ocarina of Time
175 SSBU Ganondorf Spirit Icon.png
Ocarina of Time 3D
176 SSBU Young Link Spirit Icon.png
Young Link
Ocarina of Time
177 SSBU Toon Link Spirit Icon.png
Toon Link
The Wind Waker

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