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Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule

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Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule
Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule is never seen in the book
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The Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule is a location mentioned in the book The Shadow Prince. It is situated in the southeast corner of Hyrule, past many deserts, rivers, and swamps.[1]

After the King of Hyrule decides that the Triforce of Wisdom is in danger of being taken by Ganon from its chamber in North Castle, the king announces that it must be relocated to the Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule.[2] Due to the many dangerous terrains that exist between the Fifth Castle and North Castle, the king considers the Fifth Castle to be a good hiding place for the Triforce since it is unlikely that Ganon and his forces will ever be able to obtain it.[1] When Princess Zelda asks who will deliver the Triforce of Wisdom there, the king mentions he has two heroes in mind: Link and Charles. Anxiously, Link awaits the king's decision, but it is soon revealed that Charles will be the one to take the Triforce to the Fifth Castle.[3]


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