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Faron Woods

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Faron Woods
Faron Woods 3.jpg
Faron Woods in Twilight Princess
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Twilight Princess:
Faron (Light Spirit)
Skyward Sword:
Twilight Princess:
Pieces of Heart ×2
Bottle full of Lantern Oil
Poe Souls
Skyward Sword:
Piece of Heart
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Faron Woods, also known as the Southern Wood,(TP)[1] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[2] As its name suggests, Faron Woods is part of and makes up a large majority of the overall Faron Province. It is home to one of the province's two protectors, Faron the Light Spirit. The other protector from Skyward Sword, Faron the Water Dragon, is located in the nearby Lake Floria. It takes its name from the province that it is a part of, which in itself is named after the Water Dragon.

Twilight Princess


Link first enters Faron Woods while looking for Talo, who ran off chasing a Monkey. Talking to Coro will result in Link obtaining a free Lantern as part of a special offer, which also to aid the young hero on his way through the cave and into the northern section of Faron Woods.[3] Eventually Link makes his way to the entrance of the Forest Temple where he rescues Talo and a monkey from Bokoblins.

The next time he enters Faron Woods, however, it is covered in Twilight, and Link is pulled in by a Twilit Messenger. The Triforce on his hand shone, causing the beast to drop him. Link turned into a wolf for the first time and this is also the start of his adventure, tasked to restore light back to the forest and complete the first temple, the Forest Temple. Since more monsters have begun appearing around the woods, Link will have to talk to Coro to obtain the Small Key that will open up the cave's gate that leads to North Faron Woods.[4]

After getting all three Fused Shadows, Zant will turn Link into a wolf and gravely injure Midna. Link takes Midna to Princess Zelda, who heals Midna and tells Link the way to break the curse laid on him is to obtain the Master Sword, located in the Sacred Grove deep within Faron Woods.[5] The entrance to the Sacred Grove is located near Trill's Shop, where Link must stand on a ledge and jump through various tree roots with the help of Midna. From here, the young hero must continue to jump around various obstacles and eventually reach the hidden Sacred Grove.

Having obtained the Mirror Shard from Snowpeak will force Link to once again return to Faron Woods and make his way to the Sacred Grove to retrieve the next Mirror Shard in the Temple of Time.[6]


Faron Woods is connected to the Ordon Woods via a bridge built over a large chasm between the two regions. The woods are composed of southern and are northern portions, the latter being the location of the Forest Temple. The northern section is largely uninhabited, with its only residents being Coro and Trill. To get to the said section, Link must pass through a cave in the southern section of the woods that eventually leads out into a bigger section of the woods infested by Deku Babas, Keese, and Bokoblins.

South Faron Woods

The southern section of Faron Woods

Located in Southern Faron Woods are the Faron Spring and Coro's lantern oil shop. It has an exit into the southern section of Hyrule Field and an entrance near the Faron Spring that leads back to the Ordon Woods. One Owl Statue can also be found here, located near the lantern oil shop.

Faron Spring

Main article: Faron Spring

Faron, the light spirit of Faron Province, lives in Faron Spring as the guardian of the woods. After light is restored to Faron Province, Faron returns Link to human form and gives him the Hero's Clothes.

Coro's Lantern Shop

Main article: Coro's Lantern Shop

Coro runs a lantern shop in South Faron Woods. When he first meets Link he gives Link a Lantern for free in hopes to boost sales for Lantern Oil. Link must get the lantern while chasing Talo and the monkey in order to make it through a dark cave.

North Faron Woods

The northern section of the woods is home to a lonely and barren swamp-like area filled with a poisonous purple fog and many monsters, Trill's shop, the Forest Temple, the entrance to the Sacred Grove, and the decaying ruins of the Temple of Time much deeper within the grove itself.

Faron Woods Swamp

Faron Woods Swamp

The Faron Woods Swamp is between South and North Faron Woods. Before Faron Woods were covered in Twilight, Link could freely explore this area , which was infested with Bokoblins, Keese, and Deku Baba. However, after Twilight invaded Faron Woods, purple fog overcame this area, which will damage Link if he touches it. The fog can be easily burned away with the lantern. A monkey will demonstrate this on Link's first trip to the Forest Temple by stealing his lantern and swinging it around on a stick. The first time this fog is encountered is when Faron Province is covered in twilight. Midna can help Link to jump across the fog over various logs and rock outcroppings. The upper canopies of the trees are densely populated with Deku Babas, and, in Twilight, with Twilit Babas.

Forest Depths

The Forest Depths contain the area surrounding the Forest Temple.[7] It also contains a shop that seems to be owned by Coro and run by his pet myna bird, Trill. Link can easily steal Red Potions or Lantern Oil from this shop, but must beware that Trill will attack if Link doesn't give apportionment. If Link simply puts 1 Rupee in the payment box, Trill will not attack.

Beyond Trill's Shop is the Forest Temple, which is home to many monkeys that Link must rescue to reach the boss's chamber. The Forest Temple is full of many Bomblings and Skulltulas, as well as wind-operated switches attached to rotating bridges. It is in the Forest Depths that Link first encounters the Ancient Hero and learns the Ending Blow.

Sacred Grove

Main article: Sacred Grove

The entrance to the Sacred Grove is located to the west of the path to the Forest Temple. It is reached the first time with Midna's help to jump onto tree roots across the large chasm. The second time, Link must fly across the gap using the Golden Cucco given to him by Rusl.

Temple of Time

Main article: Temple of Time

All that remains in the present time is the Master Sword, a part from some ruins. The actual Temple of Time can be accessed through a single pair of doors that appear to lead only to the other side of the door with nothing on the other side, however upon opening the door, Link is transported into the Temple of Time, in the past.

Skyward Sword


It is the first place Link visits after departing from Skyloft, and it is here that he receives the Slingshot. Link searches for the Kikwi using his sword's Dowsing ability, finding them hiding from the invading monsters in many places throughout the forest.[8] Upon discovering each one of these plant-like creatures, the large Kikwi elder Bucha gives Link the Slingshot. With the slingshot, Link is able to continue on to the deeper part of the forest known as Deep Woods, and later the Skyview Temple.

Faron Woods as seen in the end credits

Link visits Faron Woods for the second time while on his quest for the three Sacred Flames to temper his blade. The woods are now infested by stonger and more deadly demons, including Bokoblins and Moblins, suggesting that the seal on the Imprisoned is weakening. Link completes Farore's Silent Realm Trial and as a reward he receives the Water Dragon's Scale. It allows Link to dive deep beneath the water for a limited time and gives him special maneuvering abilities in the water.[9] Link is therefore able to enter into the Great Tree, and proceeds to travel up to the top of the large canopy towering over the surrounding Faron Woods. It is there that Link meets a Kikwi Hermit named Yerbal. The Kikwi reveals to the hero where the entrance to Lake Floria is located. Lake Floria, despite being sealed off from the outside world, seems to be in a troubled time. Ghirahim, leading a number of large fish known as Cranioc, attacked the Water Dragon Faron, mortally wounding her, while scaring many of the local Parella into hiding. After venturing with a Parella known as Jellyf through the underground tunnels of the lake, Link meets Faron who asks him to return to Skyview Spring through the Skyview Temple to retrieve some Sacred Water to heal her wounds. After doing so, Faron is healed and reveals the entrance to the fourth dungeon, the Ancient Cistern behind the Floria Waterfall, where Farore's Sacred Flame is found.

Flooded state

The third and final time that Link visits Faron Woods is to find Faron in order to learn one of the four parts of the Song of the Hero. However, the woods are completely submerged. Link locates Faron inside The Great Tree and learns that she flooded the woods in order to rid of the monsters tainting her realm.[10] She makes the chosen hero search around the flooded woods in order to find musical notes, called Tadtones, so that he can learn her part of the song.[11] After collecting the Tadtones, Faron dries up all the water and teaches Link her part of the Song of Hero.


Fi's Comment

A report, master.

Faron Woods

Master you have entered Faron Woods. The plentiful water in this region clearly sustains a large diversity of flora, including this massive tree. It is logical that the lush plant life and water resources have attracted animal species to the region.

Faron Woods serves as the home to the Kikwi race and the Skyview Temple. Towering over the woods as a landmark that can be seen as far away as the Sealed Grounds is the Great Tree. Throughout the woods can be found a river, two springs, plentiful bird and bug life and lots of giant mushrooms that harbor Mushroom Spores and can be found in various colors. To the edges of the woods is Lake Floria, where the Water Dragon known as Faron and the Parella reside.

Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

The Skulltula Woods in Link's Crossbow Training

Faron Woods appear as a Ranger Mode scenario in Stage 4 of Link's Crossbow Training.

Link can freely tour the Skulltula Woods to hunt the 25 Skulltulas. Only a small portion of the woods are toured in the hunt. The Skulltulas can be found dangling from trees, roaming the grounds, or perched on walls. Most can be shot safely from a distance, otherwise coming within close range will cause it to immediately, and aggressively attack Link. Several skulls, skeletons, cobweb cocoons, and Deku Babas can be hit for additional points. As with all other stages, well-hidden Scarecrows and orange Rupees can be found for high bonus points.

Hyrule Warriors

Main article: Faron Woods (Stage)

Faron Woods appears as a stage in Hyrule Warriors.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フィローネの森 (Firone no Mori) Firone Forest
French-speaking countries French Forêt de Firone Firone Forest
Italian Republic Italian Foresta di Firone Firone Forest
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Bosque de Farone Farone Woods



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