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Fang and Bone

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Fang and Bone
BotW Fang and Bone.png

The Fang and Bone is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Fang and Bone is a shop run by Kilton which specializes in monster-related wares. It can be found on the "left eye" of Skull Lake in Deep Akkala during night. After Link talks to Kilton for the first time, his shop will appear near every major settlement in Hyrule (except for Goron City) from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The exact locations of the Fang and Bone are as follows: underneath the bridge to Tarrey Town in Lake Akkala in the Akkala Highlands, west of the Ancient Furnace in Hateno Village in East Necluda, on Korne Beach in East Necluda, among some ruins west of Gerudo Town in the West Barrens in the Gerudo Desert, south of the Hebra Trailhead Lodge in the Hebra Mountains, southeast of the Veiled Falls in the Lanayru Great Spring, and above Lantern Lake in West Necluda.

Fang and Bone uses Mon as currency, which can be obtained by exchanging monster parts with Kilton. Each time Link frees a Divine Beast, more wares show up in the shop. After defeating Calamity Ganon, Link can also receive a Medal of Honor at the shop for defeating each of the overworld bosses.

Wares and Pricing

No Divine BeastsOne Divine BeastTwo Divine BeastsThree Divine BeastsFour Divine Beasts
Item Description Price
BotW Monster Extract Icon.png
Monster Extract Triforce piece.png
A result of Kilton's research into monsters, this suspicious spice can be used to punch up dishes while cooking. Apparently it can be used to make a number of monstrous meals. 9 Mon
BotW Wooden Mop Icon.png
Wooden Mop Triforce piece.png
Just a mop to the untrained eye, it excels at tidying up the place. But it owes its sturdy construction to a true craftsman, so it actually has some combat merit. 19 Mon
BotW Bokoblin Mask Icon.png
Bokoblin Mask Triforce piece.png
Kilton's handmade Bokoblin headgear. It's almost charming in a cute, monstrous kind of way... Equip it to blend in with Bokoblins. 99 Mon


  • Fang and Bone will not disappear immediately once the time reaches 5:00AM if Link waits. However, if Link talks to Kilton after this point, the latter will realise the time and the shop will vanish in a cutscene.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マモノショップ (Mamono Shoppu) Monster Shop
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 怪物商店 (Guàiwù Shāngdiàn) Same as Japanese.
French Republic FrenchEU Antre des Monstres Monsters' Den
Federal Republic of Germany German Monsterladen Same as Japanese.
Italian Republic Italian Dal mostro From the monster
Russian Federation Russian MoнcтрTopг (MonstrTopr)
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Monstruoteca Portmanteau of monstruo (monster) and biblioteca (library)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Monstruoboutique Monster Boutique

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