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Fairy Queen

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Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen The Wind Waker HD.png
Artwork of the Queen of Fairies in The Wind Waker HD
Queen of the fairy world[1]
Race Fairy
Gender Female[2]
Era Era of the Great Sea
Era of Shadow
Era of Light and Dark

The Fairy Queen, also sometimes referred to as the Queen Fairy,[3] Queen of Fairies or Queen of the Fairy World,[4][1] is the Fairy that rules over all of the Fairies and Great Fairies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are known to be much more powerful than the Great Fairies, and as such, they can empower Link with abilities that no Great Fairy can bestow upon the young hero.[2] Various Fairy Queens have appeared throughout the series with their appearances changing drastically between each game.


A Link to the Past


Venus, the Queen of Fairies, lives in the Pond of Happiness located inside a cave on an island in the middle of Lake Hylia. Once inside, Link finds a long hallway leading up to a small pond, the Pond of Happiness, with two statues on each side. The pond asks Link how many Rupees he would like to throw in, which would then tell him whether he would have "good" or "bad" luck. The responses include "Great Luck," "Good Luck," "A Little Luck," and "Big Trouble." For every 100 Rupees Link deposits into the pond, Venus appears and grants the young hero the ability to either carry more Bombs or Arrows, with the maximum being 50 and 70, respectively.[5][6] The Bomb capacity increases by increments of 5 until Link reaches 40 Bombs, where the capacity will then increase by an increment of 10 Bombs to 50. Likewise, the Arrow capacity increases by increments of 5 until Link reaches 60 Arrows, where the capacity will then increase by an increment of 10 Arrows to 70. After Link has received the maximum carrying capability for both his Bombs and Arrows, Venus will redirect him to a friend of hers, the Waterfall of Wishing fairy, who will grant him even more happiness.[7]

Venus is last seen during the ending credits at her home in the Wishing Well, being named as the Queen of Fairies.

Link's Awakening DX

The Fairy Queen of Link's Awakening DX in her fountain

In Link's Awakening DX, a Great Fairy who is proclaimed as the Fairy Queen can be found within the Link's Awakening DX-exclusive dungeon, the Color Dungeon.[8] She is residing in the last room in a pool, and as thanks for visiting her, she will offer to grant Link the 'power of color' by changing his green tunic into either a Red Clothes or a Blue Clothes. The Red Tunic will increase the offense of Link's weapons, whereas the Blue Tunic will increase his defense against attacks.[9] Link can revisit the Fairy Queen to change between the two tunics, but he can never change back into his green tunic.

Oracle of Ages

Fairy Queen OOA.png

The Fairy Queen in Oracle of Ages is known as the guardian of the sea and lives near the Eyeglass Island Library, protecting the waters of the Zora Seas.[3] When Link first meets her, she has been transfigured by Veran into an Octorok, and informs the young hero that only by sprinkling the Fairy Powder on her can she return to her normal appearance.[10] Link finds the powder and uses it on her, restoring her as the Fairy Queen and cleansing the sea of Veran's evil influence.[11]

Curiously, the Fairy Queen from Oracle of Ages has the same appearance as the Great Fairies from this and other portable Zelda games. The only difference between them is their color: the Fairy Queen is red while other Great Fairies are orange.

The Wind Waker

The Queen of Fairies in The Wind Waker is located in the Mother & Child Isles,[4] which can be accessed only by using the Ballad of Gales and after rescuing Aryll from the Forsaken Fortress. She rewards Link with the ability to wield the Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow.

Unlike previous Fairy Queens, she has the voice, appearance, and mannerisms of a child, although it is unknown if this is her true form: the mechanical sounds in her variation of the Great Fairy music, her puppetry of a Great Fairy doll, and a 'cut puppet strings' motion when she disappears lends credence to this. She also holds a doll resembling a Great Fairy, which is what she uses to grant the young hero the Fire and Ice Arrows. After the Queen of Fairies hands over the powerful Arrows, she flirts with Link by saying that he is just her type, which causes him to blush.[12]

Queen of Fairies (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
QueenofFairies Figurine.png
Birthplace: Fairy Island.
Talent: Empowering arrows with fire and ice.
She appears to be but a child, but she is much greater and much more powerful than the Great Fairies. She will grant Link the power to add fire and ice to his arrows.

Four Swords Adventures

Fairy Queen FSA.gif
The Queen of Fairies as seen in Four Swords Adventures

The Queen of Fairies also makes a small cameo in Four Swords Adventures during the Hyrule Castle level. She had heard the Shrine Maidens' cries from afar and came to the castle in an attempt to help them, but found that the castle was overtaken by fiends who captured her and split her into two Zoras.[13] She asks the four Links to find her other half, and when he does, they reunite and reveal themselves to be the Fairy Queen,[14] who easily obliterates the barrier and soldiers guarding the entrance to the castle.[15][16] As thanks for helping her, the Queen of Fairies promises the four Links to tell the other Great Fairies to help them whenever needed.[17]

Even though the Fairy Queen has a similar appearance as the one from The Wind Waker, she curiously refers to herself as a Great Fairy after she recovers her true form.[14] The power used by the Fairy Queen during the Hyrule Castle level is the first and only time thus far that allows the audience to catch a glimpse of the tremendous power that Fairy Queens possess.


Theory Warning

In the first released concept art of Skyward Sword, revealed during E3 2009, Link was seen accompanied by Fi, whose identity was not properly revealed at that point. Theories at the time speculated that, given that Link lacked a sword in the art, Fi was either an anthropomorphic version of the Master Sword or, given Fi's resemblance to the Fairy Queen as she appears in The Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures, that the two were somehow connected. Art included in Hyrule Historia shows that the resemblance was made intentionally, but no actual in-universe connection has been confirmed between the Fairy Queen and Fi, and the resemblance seems to simply be a design choice on the part of the development team.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 女神 (Megami) (ALttP)
妖精の女王 (Yōsei no Joō)
超妖精 (Chō Yōsei) (FSA)
Queen of Fairies
Super Fairy
French Republic FrenchEU Reine des Fées Queen of Fairies
Federal Republic of Germany German Feen-Königin Same as English
Italian Republic Italian Fata Regina Same as English
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Reina de las Hadas Queen of the Fairies


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