Fairy Flower Sap

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Fairy Flower Sap
The Fairy Flower Sap is never seen in the book
Other appearance(s)
Traded in for the Magic Honey and the Magic Bees

The Fairy Flower Sap is an item featured in The Crystal Trap. Princess Zelda obtains it from her old teacher Estragon after she talks to him in the Tavern and asks him how to obtain the Magic Honey from Conly the beekeeper. According to Estragon, the Fairy Flower Sap is what Conly uses to make his favorite drink.[1]

Once Zelda arrives to the Beekeeper's Hut and calls out Conly's name, the man comes out and asks if Zelda has a gift for him. Zelda replies saying that she has some fairy flower sap, and although the beekeeper demands that he see it at once, the princess tells Conly that she'll trade it in for some Magic Honey as well as some of his bees, which she needs in order to get to Midoro Palace by morning.[2][3] Conly agrees and snatches the flask full of Fairy Flower Sap from Zelda and goes back inside the hut.[4]

If, however, Zelda doesn't bring the Fairy Flower Sap to the beekeeper, he will become angry and release a swarm of angry Magic Bees at her, which will sting her and send her into the woods where she will eventually fall in a pit and break her ankle.


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  3. "'That's not all,' Zelda says, holding firmly onto the flask. 'I need to borrow your bees.' 'My bees?' Conly says. 'What for?' To take me to Midoro Palace. I must be there by morning,' Zelda answers."  (The Crystal Trap (Archway) pg. 71)
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