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Fairies in the Spring/Episode transcript

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This is the episode transcript for "Fairies in the Spring."

Link: Hoowee! (looks out the window of his tower)

(King Harkinian is swimming in a fountain of the castle's courtyard while Zelda is just wearing her bathing suit)

Zelda: Whew. It's certainly hot today, isn't it, Daddy?

King Harkinian: Eh? What? Oh, yes, hot. Most certainly. Still, my Royal Water Park should be completed soon, then all the kingdom will have some place to cool off and have fun. (takes a sip of his drink but realizes it's empty) Spryte!

Zelda: Spryte is on vacation, remember?

King Harkinian: Eh? Oh, yes. I forgot. But she'll be back for the opening of my water park. I wonder how the work is going...

(at the water park, the workers continue the construction)

Boss: Yeah, the king's water park is almost done! We were sure lucky to find that underground spring. Soon as we get those last slides fixed, we'll turn on the water and--(rumbling) Hey! (water begins to shoot out of the ground, partially destroying the park. A monster then forms from the water and the workers run away. More monsters begin to appear)

Boss: We gotta report this to the king!

(at the castle)

King Harkinian: You uh...say you were attacked by, uh, monsters?!

Boss: Never saw anything like it, your majesty. Scared off all my crew and took the whole place! As you can see, I'm all wet.

Zelda: Speaking of all wet, where's our local hero? He should be hearing this.

Link: Ta-da! (swings in on a rope) You called for a hero, princess?

Zelda: Yes! But I guess you'll have to do. Link, the crew building my father's water park was attacked by monsters. Have you got any ideas?

Link: Sure! Show me these monsters. I'll zap them for ya.

Zelda: (pats him on his head) Good boy... Let's go.

(at the water park)

Link: See any monsters yet?

Zelda: No... Ah! Look out! Look out!

Link: What what what?! (camera lowers down to reveal that Link was stepping on a flower. Zelda kneels down and pushes Link out of the way)

Zelda: You were standing on this flower, you brute!

Link: Well excuuuuse me, princess! I--

Zelda: (points behind Link) Ah!

Link: Now what? Am I blocking the light to a dandelion or something?

Zelda: A-a monster!

Link: A monster? (turns around) Ah, a monster! Get behind me, princess. And as for YOU, dry up! (zaps the monster and it disappears) It never fails, I just waxed this thing.

Zelda: What in Hyrule is going on? That wasn't one of Ganon's creatures. Ah! (water begins to rush in rapidly in the direction of Link and Zelda. Takes them down the slide and into a big pool)

Zelda: (resurfaces) Whoa! We're wet, but at least we're not hurt. (an eel wraps around Zelda's feet and takes her to the bottom of the pool)

Link: Zelda! (dives and zaps the eel which lets go of Zelda, but it then sends an electrified beam at Link, who loses his sword. Zelda gets out a crossbow from her pouch and shoots an arrow at the creature to defeat it. Both Link and Zelda resurface)

Link: Whew! I got a real charge out of that. But I think we're out of our depth in this pool.

Zelda: Any more bad jokes and we're sunk for sure. Ugh, let's get out. (as they're swimming, two giant crabs appear and grab them)

Link: I can't...get a shot at mine!

Zelda: I can't...reach mine either! Oh but, we can zap each other's!

Link: Good idea, princess! (zap both monsters) Saved you princess. Kiss me.

Zelda: I saved you, too! We're even. Besides, I hate wet kisses. (swims away)

Link: Well excuuuuuse me, princess.

King Harkinian: Well, well. Enjoying the park, eh? Good, good. That's what it's for. All this monster nonsense is probably a bunch of [?], eh?

Zelda: Not...really, Daddy. There's definitely something strange going on.

King Harkinian: Oh, pooh. What could be bad about a wonderful place like this? A happy place for all my people...slides, waterfalls, pools... (laughs)

Zelda: Daddy, please! Don't stand so close to the water.

King Harkinian: Oh, don't worry, my dear. I can swim like a fish. (a water tentacle comes out of a nearby pool, grabs him and takes him underwater)

Zelda: Daddy! Link, save him!

Link: On my way, princess! (Link jumps in and resurfaces shortly after)

Zelda: Link! Did you get the monster?

Link: No, it was gone. Don't know where.

Zelda: father?!

Link: Sorry, Zelda. He's...gone, too.

Zelda: Oh, no...

(at the castle)

Zelda: Please, Triforce, my father has been captured, but we don't know who did it or where he is!

Triforce of Wisdom: To find your father, royal daughter, you must search beneath the water.

Link: Aw, c'mon. I searched that pool. There was no sign of him!

Zelda: You probably didn't look carefully enough. We're going back.

Link: Well, excuuuse me, princess.

(Zelda shoots a small beam at the Triforce to make a chain appear then grabs it)

Zelda: I have a feeling we may need the Triforce's magic for this adventure, Link. Let's go!

(at the water park)

Zelda: We may have to stay underwater for a while. (uses Triforce magic to make a magical helmet appear around both their heads) These magic helmets will allow us to breathe.

Link: Whatever you say, princess. Let's go. (both dive in) See? Like I said, nothing.

Zelda: Don't be so sure. Look! (points to the pool's drain)

Link: What, this? It's just a drain.

Zelda: It's also the only other way out of this pool. Help me open this grate.

Link: Ok. But I still don't think any monsters went through here. (a giant fish swims their way and breaks the grate. It then grabs the Triforce by the chain Zelda was holding and swims back into the drain with Zelda)

Zelda: Link, help me!

Link: On my way, princess!

Zelda: (struggling) You're not getting that Triforce!

Link: That too fast! Zelda, slow him down!

Zelda: Agh, I'll try! At least water can be converted to ice. (shoots a beam which makes a wall of ice that the fish bumps into)

Link: Time for fish fry! (zaps it)

Zelda: Thank goodness.

Link: Nah, thank me! Saved you again, princess! Kiss me.

Zelda: Sure. Pucker up, hero.

Link: Oh, boy! (tries to kiss her but the magic helmets are in the way) Aw, darn. I forgot about these helmets!

Zelda: I didn't. Now, c'mon! We still have to find my father! (they resurface in a spring)

Link: Wow, where are we?

Zelda: This place...seems familiar. (several zaps come out of nowhere into the water which makes three water monsters appear)

Link: I don't know about this place, but these monsters are real familiar. Get back, princess! (zaps all of them but then more monsters appear. Link tries to zap them again but they keep respawning)

Link: Where are all these monsters coming from?

Zelda: (Zelda sees the zaps coming from a tree) That's just what I'm going to find out. (jumps into the tree)

Spryte's Sister: Hey! Hey, let me go! (Zelda jumps down from the tree) Let me go, you big bully!

Zelda: A fairy! Why, this must be the Fairy Spring that Spryte told me about.

Link: You mean, where her father the Fairy King and the other fairies live? (more fairies fly out from the trees)

Spryte's Sister That's right! Spryte's my sister. And you must be Zelda. And Link.

Zelda: But...but why did you attack us?

Spryte's Sister: We didn't know who you were. All we knew was somebody was draining our spring.

Zelda: You mean...

King Harkinian: That's right, my dear. I'm afraid our water park was hooked into the fairy water supply. And the fairy king here got worried. Perfectly natural for them to defend it, eh?

Zelda: (hugs her dad) Daddy! You're safe! Oh, I was so worried! But, does this mean we can't build the water park?

King Harkinian: Not a bit, my dear! We'll just use magic ponds to move our water. Once all the pools are full, we won't need to use any more! I was just explaining that to Oberon here. He's not worried anymore.

King Oberon: May I visit this water park?

King Harkinian: Why of course, old boy! Anything for a fellow king.

(at the water park, the citizens of Hyrule are enjoying it. The Fairy King, Zelda and Link go down a slide)

Link: Oowee! What fun! Kiss me, princess.

Zelda: Sure, why not! I guess it won't spoil the day too much. (just as they're about to kiss, Spryte zaps the space between them)

King Oberon: Spryte, my daughter! You're back from your trip! (Spryte hugs her father)

Spryte: Hi, guys!

Link: (annoyed) Hi, Spryte. Welcome back. It never fails. Sheesh.

Zelda: (laughs)