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Eyegore from Majora's Mask
Other Media
Effective Weapon(s)Bow

Eyegores,[1] also known as Eye Guards,[note 1][3] are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are large, cyclops-like creatures with tough defenses that make them impervious to most attacks, with their key weak spot being their single eye. Eyegores are weak to projectile weapons, especially to the Bow and Arrows, and in some cases are the only weapons that will inflict any damage onto them. They share many similarities and traits with Armos and Beamos enemies, and often appear in the same locations.


A Link to the Past

EyegoreGreen ALttP.png

In A Link to the Past, Eyegores are known as Eye Guards.[2] In the SNES version of the game, they were originally known as Rocklops.[4] They can be found within early Light World dungeons, including the Eastern Palace and the Desert Palace, and later in Ganon's Tower as well. They stand still until they are approached, when they open their eye and charge at Link for a brief moment. Only when their eye is open are they vulnerable to attacks. They are one of the strongest regular enemies encountered early in the game, and are surprisingly fast.

Green Eye Guards can be defeated with just the Sword, but they are incredibly durable and require many hits to fell. A shot Arrow or a thrown Pot straight in the eye defeats them instantly. Red Eye Guards are completely immune to all attacks even when their eye is open, except to the Bow's Arrows. Two Arrows will defeat a Red Eye Guard.

Decorative Eye Guard statues also appear in various dungeons in both the Light and Dark World, and one in particular is key to solving a specific puzzle. Some of them also hold Telepathy Tiles.

Link's Awakening

Eyeguard stonestatue LA.png

In Link's Awakening, decorative Eye Guard statues appear inside dungeons,[3] while regular Eye Guards do not appear. They fulfill an identical role to Stone Statues of earlier games, as some Eye Guard statues unleash fire balls as a trap. An Eye Guard statue also appears as part of a puzzle in Turtle Rock, in which an Arrow must be shot into its eye to drop a Small Key.

Majora's Mask

Tatl's Comment

What?! You don't know?


It's an Eyegore. Simply attacking it is no good. I say you should pay attention to the subtle changes in its eye.

In Majora's Mask, Eyegores take on a radically different appearance from past incarnations, as hulking monsters with slender bodies and top-heavy heads, which constitutes solely of their eye. They are also much rarer, as there are only two in the whole game, both appearing in the Stone Tower Temple. It stands dormant until approached. Once awake, they will creep forward on powerful legs and fire beams at the offender from their single yellow eye. They will also slam the ground with their fists to send rocks flying at their enemy. When the offender has been warded off, they will quickly retreat to their point of origin and become dormant again. Eyegores can be stunned by aiming the Hero's Bow or Hookshot at their eye, thus leaving them open to further attack. They can only be damaged when their eye is yellow.

Four Swords

Eyegore FS.png

In Four Swords, Eyegores appear as stone statue-like monsters with horns and a prominent single eye. Initially they are dormant, but awaken and hop after their adversaries when approached. They can appear in any of the game's stages, including the Realm of Memories and Hero's Trial in Four Swords Anniversary Edition.

Four Swords Adventures


In Four Swords Adventures, Eyegores appear as stone statues similarly to those of Four Swords, with the exception that they behave identically to the Eyegores of A Link to the Past. Eyegores will awaken and charge at the Links in short intervals when approached. They can only be attacked by shooting Arrows into their eyes. Eyegores can only be found in the Desert Temple.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, Eyegore Statues appear throughout the Castor Wilds. They are nearly identical to the Eyegores of Four Swords. Eyegore Statues stand stationary in a dormant state, often blocking the path to other areas of the marsh. They will only activate once shot in the eye with an Arrow from Link's Bow, after which they will attack by jumping towards him. They are, however, also slow as they must hop in place to turn around. Eyegore Statues can be destroyed by shooting them in the eye with three Arrows, not counting the first Arrow used to activate them. A single Light Arrow will destroy them in one shot. Eyegore Statues will usually drop a bundle of Arrows behind once defeated to replenish Link's stock. Link can also just as easily run past the Statue once it jumps out of the way, saving time and Arrows.

Eyegore Statue (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
Eyegore Statue Figurine.gif
Appears in Castor Wilds. They move when you put an arrow in their eye. No other attacks work. You can always just let them pass…

A Link Between Worlds


In A Link Between Worlds, Eyegores are mostly the same as those in A Link to the Past. They stand dormant until Link comes near, when they awake and quickly charge at him. They, however, no longer require the Bow to defeat and can be attacked with any conventional weapon. As an added new trait, the eyes of these enemies also brightly glow in pitch dark spaces whenever they are open. They appear in green, red and blue varieties, although the blue variety is nowhere near as common as its green and red counterparts. A group of five red Eyegores are also fought as mini-bosses in a dark room of the Thieves' Hideout.

Other Appearances

A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)

In the A Link to the Past comic by Shotaro Ishinomori, Link encounters a Rocklops during his visit to the Palace of Darkness. Although Link had been able to sneak around the palace using Zora's Mask as a disguise,[5] he is eventually discovered by a Rocklops.[6] The Rocklops warns Link of what could happen if he set off the Firecorns in the Palace,[7] but the young hero disregards its warning and takes a Hinox's Bomb belt that was wrapped around it.[8] After the Rocklops summons Gleeoks to attack Link, the hero makes the Firecorns explode, destroying the entire Palace and, with it, the Rocklops.

Ancient Stone Tablets


  • In Majora's Mask, the Eyegore is the only optional mini-boss of the game that is in a dungeon.


Eyegore refers to the monster's single eye, and is phonetically the same as the given name Igor. The name is a common subject in horror movies and parodies. Rocklops is a combination of Rock and Cyclops, referring to the monster's stone-like defenses and being a cyclops-like creature.

Its Japanese name, アイゴール せいきぞう (Aigōru Seikizou), is a pun. Seikizou is a combination of 生気 (Seiki), meaning Living, and 石像 (Sekizou), Stone Statue.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese アイゴール (Aigōru)
アイゴール せいきぞう (Aigōru Seikizou)
Animated Statue Eyegore
French-speaking countries French Gore Œil
Statue d'Eyegore (TMC)
Gore Eye
Statue of Eyegore
Canada FrenchCA Eyegore (MM3D)
Federal Republic of Germany German Augor Based on "Auge," the German word for eye
Italian Republic Italian Statua di Igor (TMC) Statue of Igor
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Eyegore
Ojo diana (TMC)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Ojo diana (MM3D)


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  1. The term "Eye Guard" was used in the A Link to the Past & Four Swords Player's Guide by Nintendo of America.[2] However, because the term "Eyegore" was officially stated in Art & Artifacts, no other term is considered Canon for A Link to the Past.


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