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Eye Guard

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Eye Guard
LADX Eye Guard Sprite.png

Eye Guards are enemies in Link's Awakening.[1]


Eye Guards appear inside Dungeons. They spit fireballs at Link until every other enemy in the room is defeated. An Eye Guard statue also appears as part of a puzzle in Turtle Rock, in which an Arrow must be shot into its eye to drop a Small Key.


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    When these cyclopean statues spit fire at you, quickly defeat all the other enemies in the room to make them stop."
    (Link's Awakening Player's Guide (Nintendo Power) pg. 101)
  2. "In the next room, a handful of wriggling creatures and two Eye Guards are out for your hide - eliminate the latter to get a key from one of them." (A Link to the Past & Four Swords Player's Guide (Nintendo Power) pg. 25)