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TAoL Experience Artwork.png
Game(s)The Adventure of Link
Other MediaHyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Use(s)Leveling up

Experience is a gameplay device in The Adventure of Link. Experience is typically gained after defeating enemies; once a certain amount is reached, a Level is gained, which results in increased stats such as health, strength, and sometimes magic.


When Link defeats an enemy in particular, he gains a certain amount of Experience Points. The more enemies he defeats, and the stronger said enemies are, more points will be stored. When a certain amount is reached, Link can upgrade by one level one of his quest stats. These are:[1]

  • Life: Link will become more resistant to enemy attacks by taking less damage.
  • Magic: Spells will require less magic to be cast.
  • Attack: Link's sword attacks will inflict more damage to enemies.

Link starts the game with his stats at level 1, and both his Life and Magic meters have 64 points each (provided by four default Containers). Over the course of the game, the stats can be upgraded to up to level 8, in which Attacks deal maximum damage and the loss of both Life and Magic is minimal. Also, extra Heart and Magic Containers can be found on different parts of the overworld, increasing more directly the number of points Link has in his meters. With a total of eight Containers of a type, there is a total of 128 points.

In several parts of the game, there are bags that store experience points. The value of these bags depends on the size, ranging from 50 to 500 points. Also, when Link loses his lives during a playthrough session, or the player saves and quits playing, the current amount of unused points resets back to zero.

There are some enemies, such as Moas, Wosu, Maus and Ras, that are capable of subtracting part of the current amount of unused points Link has each time they hurt him. Because of this, they must be avoided whenever possible unless Link is skilled enough to face them.

At the end of a Palace, when Link places one of the Crystals in the statue (after defeating the local boss), his experience points automatically rise in number up to the current cap, allowing the young hero to increase the level of a stat instantly.

After all stats are terminally leveled up, Link gets an extra life every time he collects 9000 Experience Points.

Level Up List

Level Life Magic Attack
2 50 100 200
3 150 300 500
4 400 700 1000
5 800 1200 2000
6 1500 2200 3000
7 2500 3500 5000
8 4000 6000 8000

Non-Canon Appearances

Hyrule Warriors Series

Leveling Up is a prominent feature in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, as Experience is gained through defeating enemies. Leveling Up will fill a Warrior's Health and Special Attack gauges.[2] If a Warrior has a higher level than the rest, the other Warriors can be artificially Leveled Up through the Training Dojo,[3] which charges 1 Rupee per each experience point needed to ascend to the next level. The minimum experience requirements for each level are as follows:


  • In the Japanese version of The Adventure of Link, the experience system works differently. The required experience needed for a Level Up rises with the Level Ups already spent and not with the current Level of the individual element. It is perfectly possible for Link to have one element maxed out at Level 8 after finishing Parapa Palace. However, raising the other elements from Level 1 will take a little bit longer since Link has already spent 8 Levels and the experience needed for the next one exponentially rises. Furthermore, if Link loses all of his Lives and sees the Game Over screen, then all three elements will be reset to the Level of the weakest element. For example, if Link dies with the stats 1-3-8, then he will have to start again with all stats at Level 1.


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Language Name
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  2. "Defeating enemies will slowly fill up your experience gauge. When the gauge is full, the warrior will level up, which means increased attack strength and maximum health. Additionally, leveling up midbattle will fully restore the warrior's Health and Special Attack gauges." — Manual (Hyrule Warriors)
  3. "Choose a warrior you would like to level up, and then enter the Bazaar. At the Training Dojo, you can spend Rupees to make the warrior level up. But remember, the higher the warrior's level, the more expensive it will be to increase!" — Manual (Hyrule Warriors)
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