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Estragon Silhouette.png
The silhouette of Estragon as seen in the book
Other appearance(s)

Estragon is a character featured in The Crystal Trap who served as the mentor and teacher of Princess Zelda sometime in the past.[1]


Princess Zelda encounters Estragon at the Tavern after mistaking him for one of Ganon's spies since his face was covered by his hood.[1] Once Estragon removes his hood, he informs her that there are real spies of Ganon lurking about and that he already knows about Zelda's quest.[2] Curious, Zelda asks if he knows how to get the Magic Honey from Conly the beekeeper. Estragon gives her a small flask containing the sap of the fairy flower tree, which the beekeper uses to make his favorite drink.[3] Although Zelda begs Estragon to go with her, the old man declines, saying he is too old for adventures. Before departing the tavern, Zelda embraces her old friend and heads for the Beekeeper's Hut.[4]


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