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Eryck is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Eryck is a Hylian traveler in search of self-discovery. In his journey, he attempted to visit Zora's Domain, only to find himself lost at the southern bank of Rutala River.[1] As he was about to give up his journey, he heard a voice coming from the Lanayru Tower, reigniting his interest.[2] Despite this, he was unable to cross Rutala River as it is the widest in all of Lanayru.[3]

When Link first encounters Eryck, he is found resting underneath a Tree beside a Campfire in Rabia Plain. There, Eryck informs Link of his plight, and offers details about the landmarks north of his camp.[4][5] Eryck will also offer directions to the Lanayru Tower by way of Linebeck Island.[6]


  • Curiously, when Eryck offers directions to Link, he erroneously states that Linebeck Island is located to the east. In reality, it is northwest of his camp site in Rabia Plain.[6]


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