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Eras are time periods in the chronology of the The Legend of Zelda universe. The concept was introduced with the timeline in Hyrule Historia and reappeared in Encyclopedia.

Typically, the adventures of a particular Link are encompassed in a single era. An era may also refer to notable time periods in the series' backstory. In Hyrule Historia, eras are hierarchical (one era can have eras within it).

List of Eras

The following is an account of which events occur in which eras, and which published media they are mentioned in.

Name Events Hyrule Historia Encyclopedia
Yes Yes
Sky Era Skyward Sword Yes Yes
Era of Chaos Interloper War Yes No
Era of Prosperity Yes No
Force Era Yes No
Era of the Hero of Time Ocarina of Time Yes Yes
Fallen Hero Timeline
Yes Yes
Golden Era Yes No
Era of Decline Yes Yes
Child Timeline
Twilight Era Twilight Princess Yes Yes
Shadow Era Four Swords Adventures Yes Yes
Adult Timeline
Era without a Hero Great Flood Yes No
Era of the Great Sea The Wind Waker Yes Yes
Era of the Great Voyage Phantom Hourglass Yes No
Era of Hyrule's Rebirth Spirit Tracks Yes Yes

Hyrule Historia also names the Adult Era and Child Era which correspond to all of the Adult Link Timeline and Child Link Timeline, respectively. There is no such era named for the Fallen Hero Timeline.


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  1. Page 10 of Encyclopedia indicates A Link Between Worlds is in a separate era from A Link to the Past, but on page 69 places both games in the Era of Light and Dark.