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ST Engine Icon.png
Main appearance(s)

Engines are Items in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Location and Uses

The Engine provide motive power to the Spirit Train. It is located at the front of the train. Link obtains the Spirit Engine (along with the Solid Passenger Car) when Anjean bestows upon him the Spirit Train at the Tower of Spirits. As with other Train Cars, Link can trade Treasure for new Engines at Linebeck III's Trading Post.

List of Engines

Engine Cost Description
Spirit Engine.png
Spirit Engine
Given to Link by Anjean. This esteemed train has a long history of keeping evil at bay.
Wooden Engine.png
Wooden Engine
ST Wood Heart Icon.png Wood Hearts The retro style of this train is popular with the younger crowd.
ST Star Fragment Icon.png Star Fragments
ST Dark Pearl Loop Icon.png Dark Pearl Loop
Steel Engine.png
Steel Engine
ST Pearl Necklace Icon.png Pearl Necklaces This steam train appeals to strong, silent types everywhere.
ST Ruto Crown Icon.png Ruto Crown
ST Goron Amber Icon.png Goron Amber
Skull Engine.png
Skull Engine
ST Stalfos Skull Icon.png Stalfos Skulls Created by a gearhead, it's unclear whether it can even go underground.
ST Bee Larvae Icon.png Bee Larvae
ST Ruto Crown Icon.png Ruto Crowns
Stagecoach Engine.png
Stagecoach Engine
ST Ancient Gold Piece Icon.png Ancient Gold Piece This train is sure to get people's attention.
ST Dragon Scale Icon.png Dragon Scales
ST Bee Larvae Icon.png Bee Larvae
Dragonhead Engine.png
Dragonhead Engine
ST Pirate Necklace Icon.png Pirate Necklaces This train was created in the far past and seems to harbor a great spirit.
ST Mystic Jade Icon.png Mystic Jade
12× ST Demon Fossil Icon.png Demon Fossils
Sweet Engine.png
Sweet Engine
ST Palace Dish Icon.png Palace Dish This train looks good enough to eat! But that would be a bad idea.
ST Mystic Jade Icon.png Mystic Jades
ST Ancient Gold Piece Icon.png Ancient Gold Piece
Golden Engine.png
Golden Engine
ST Alchemy Stone Icon.png Alchemy Stone Even the smoke on this spectacular wonder seems to have some gold in it.
ST Ancient Gold Piece Icon.png Ancient Gold Pieces
ST Mystic Jade Icon.png Mystic Jades



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