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Emerald Dagger

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Emerald Dagger
CoH Emerald Dagger Sprite.png
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Emerald Daggers are items in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]

Location and Uses

Emerald Daggers are a type of Dagger that deal 1 damage to a single enemy, along with poisoning them temporarily. They can only be wielded by Cadence and Zelda, and can only be acquired either after they infuse the Dagger with an Emerald at a Great Fairy Fountain, or if either them or Yves opens the blue Treasure Chest already containing one in the Lost Swamp.

They function identically to the Emerald Short Sword.

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  1. "Emerald Dagger ZeldaCadence
    Deals 1 damage and poisons a single enemy in front of you.
    " — Inventory (Cadence of Hyrule)