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Chieftess of the Watarara Tribe[1]
Other appearance(s)

Elrora is the tribal leader of the Watarara tribe that appears in the bonus chapter Rouru of the Watara in the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa.[citation needed] She bears the form of a dove, and is a strict, but caring leader. She has a son named Rouru, who is the heir to the tribe.


Elrora is seen a few times in the manga searching for her lost son, Rouru. It is seen that she loves him deeply and believes in his return. She appears above Lake Hylia staring into the depths of the lake and looking for her missing son.[2] After speaking with Lord Guufo, Elrora decides that even though her heart is breaking, she can't let a single Watarara put the tribe in danger, accepting that they may need to leave Rouru behind.[3][4] Despite this, Guufo promises to find Elrora's son, even if he must forfeit his own life.[5] As he flies away, Elrora wonders where her son is, and begs him to answer if he can hear her voice.[6] Later on, she sees Link and Rouru falling out of the sky after defeating a pair of Flare Dancers, and rushes to catch them as they fall. She finally reunites with her son and thanks Link for his safe return.[7]


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