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Eldin Volcano

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Not to be confused with Eldin Caves from Hyrule Warriors.
Eldin Volcano
Eldin Volcano.png
Eldin Volcano as seen in-game
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Eldin Volcano is a location in Skyward Sword.[1] It is the main feature of the Eldin Province, which is located on the surface world below Skyloft. It is home to the great protector of the Eldin Province, Eldin, the Fire Dragon. Deep within the volcano itself lies two of the game's dungeons: the Earth Temple near the tip of the volcano and Fire Sanctuary within the summit.

Fi's Comment

A report, master.

Eldin Volcano

Master, this is Eldin Volcano. It is an active volcano rich with the power of the earth. Approximately 65% of the region is covered by lava. It is inhabited by a large number of creatures that thrive in the extreme heat and direct flame.


At some point in the past, Eldin Volcano was a peaceful and prosperous place where people both above ground and below lived together in harmony by the blessing of the great mountain. In the present, it has become an unfortunately dangerous and unforgiving place full of desolation and chaos.[2]

It is the second location on the Surface that Link visits on his quest to find Zelda. When Link arrives, he learns from the local Mogmas that Bokoblins have begun to appear all over Eldin Volcano, setting up camps and scaring off the Mogmas from the area.[3][4] According to Fi, 65% of the volcano is covered by lava, and a large number of creatures manage to thrive in the extreme heat. Eldin Volcano contains many steep hills that Link must climb while dodging boulders thrown by the Bokoblins, caves, and an underground section, besides a small number of scattered Mogma and Bokoblin villages.[5]

Later, Link ventures back to the Eldin Volcano to complete Din's Silent Realm Trial. After completing the trial, the way to the Volcano Summit is unlocked. Link finds Gorko there who explains that pillars of flames are blocking the path to the Fire Sanctuary and that using an Empty Bottle to deliver Water to the tongue of a nearby frog statue may open the way. However, one frog statue requires much more water than the other statues. So Link goes to Lake Floria to Faron the Water Dragon to receive the Water Basin to extinguish the pillar of flames blocking the entrance to the sanctuary. Link has to protect the Ancient Robot, Scrapper, who is carrying the Basin, from any enemies along the way. These mostly consist of Bokoblins and Moblins. Once they reach the Sanctuary, the entrance to the dungeon opens.

Link visits the volcano for the third time to locate and learn a part of the Song of the Hero from Eldin, the Fire Dragon, but the Volcano erupts and Link is captured by Bokoblins who have taken advantage of the eruption and annex the entire volcano, jailing him, and stealing his weapons and all of his items. Due to this, Link has to infiltrate through the camp and retrieve one by one several of his items. A fellow Mogma gives him the Mogma Mitts when he is imprisoned, which helps him to escape.[6] In the following order, the Gust Bellows,[7] the Clawshots,[8] the Whip,[9] the Slingshot and the Bombs are retrieved.[10][11] On arriving at the Volcano Summit, Link locates the Master Sword, and reunites with Fi.[12] The rest of the gear is inside the Adventure Pouch, which is taken back inside the Volcano Summit.[13] After meeting the Fire Dragon and learning the Song of the Hero the volcano finally calms down, and the Bokoblins disappear from the area.

Features and Overview

Eldin Volcano is an active volcano that consists of lava and magma. It is an area so hot that entering its summit without the protection of the Fireshield Earrings will result in Link taking damage. Prominent throughout the mountainous area are ancient ruins resembling the architecture of the Earth Temple and the Fire Sanctuary located nearby. Bomb Flowers are an essential key item to exploration of the volcano and can be found blooming throughout the area, helping to destroy pathways and caves blocked by large rocks.[14][15]

The treasure-hunting Mogma race can be found scattered about the volcano, giving information on the volcano's hidden treasures, which include green, blue and red Rupees, the rarer silver and gold Rupees, as well as frequent Amber Relics and Eldin Ore.[16] The Mogma Mitts are also gained here after helping a Mogma clear out a group of red Bokoblins while exploring the volcano, which can be used to dig up mounds of dirt where Eldin Ore and Rupees can be commonly found.[17][18]

There is one mini-game, Thrill Digger, that involves the use of the Mogma Mitts and is run by a Mogma named Tubert. It involves digging up holes for Rupees to earn more from the game than spent on it. If Link digs up a bomb, he loses.[19]

Minor Enemies


In some Norwegian dialects and Swedish, Eld means fire, which is convenient for the volcano's theme.[20]

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルディン火山 (Orudin Kazan) Oldin Volcano
French Republic FrenchEU Volcan d'Ordinn Ordinn Volcano
Italian Republic Italian Vulcano Oldin
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Volcán de Eldin Eldin Volcano



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