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Eldin's Flank

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Eldin's Flank
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Eldin's Flank is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Eldin's Flank is an expansive cliff in the northern part of Eldin Canyon. It sits at the very edge of northern Hyrule, bordering a vast pit that serves as the end of the kingdom. The Flank sits on the other side of a mountain range that slopes downward from Death Mountain. The area is largely a mountainous wasteland that is deserted of life and has very little substance. The cliff stretches further to the west and extends to the Eldin Mountains.

To the west of the Flank is a bombable wall that conceals a lone Rock inside. Lifting the Rock will reveal a Korok who will then give Link a Korok Seed. Further west are a pair of block formations. Pushing the missing piece into one of the formations causes another Korok to appear, who also gives Link a Korok Seed.


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