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Eighth Heroine

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This is a page about the character, the Eighth Heroine. For the page on the Side Quest, see "The Eighth Heroine".
Eighth Heroine
BotW Statue of the Eighth Heroine 2.png
Bronze Giant[1]
Gender Female[1]

The Eighth Heroine is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


The Eighth Heroine is a rumored eighth member of the Seven Heroines.[2] The Heroines are known as the divine protectors of the Gerudo people.[3] The Eighth Heroine is still worshiped by those faithful to her.[4] Although massive statues of the Seven Heroines can be found at the East Gerudo Ruins, the Statue of the Eighth Heroine is found in the northern Gerudo Highlands. This Statue plays a role in the Side Quest, "The Eighth Heroine", given by Bozai. Though the Eighth Heroine was wiped from history and is not proven to exist,[5] Bozai sends Link in search of its Statue.[6] After Link shows Bozai a picture of the Statue, he can receive another Side Quest from Bozai titled "The Forgotten Sword", where Link must find the Statue's missing Sword on the southeastern section of Gerudo Summit.

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