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This article is about the enemy appearing in The Legend of Zelda TV series. For the Boss in Link's Awakening, see Slime Eel.
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The Eel is an enemy appearing in the "Fairies in the Spring" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series.

When Link and Princess Zelda go to the Royal Water Park to investigate the recent sightings of water monsters, they end up going into one of the pools and Zelda is taken deep underwater by an eel, wrapping itself around the princess. Although Link tries to zap it with his Crissword, all it does is loosen its grip enough to allow Zelda to escape but it then sends an electrified beam at Link, who drops his sword.[1] Zelda then gets out a Crossbow from her pouch and shoots a bolt at the creature, thus defeating it.



  1. "Whew! I got a real charge out of that." — Link (The Legend of Zelda TV Series, Episode 11 )