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Eagle's Tower

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Eagle's Tower
Eagle's Tower's hidden entrance.
Location(s) Tal Tal Mountain Range
Game(s) Link's Awakening
Main Item Mirror Shield
Mini-boss(es) Grim Creeper
Boss(es) Evil Eagle
Quest Reward(s)Organ of Evening Calm
Heart Container
Theme Music

Eagle's Tower is the seventh dungeon Link's Awakening.[1] It is the location of the Organ of Evening Calm. The entrance to this dungeon is on the far eastern peaks of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. As the name implies, this dungeon is a tall tower, which is made of grayish-green bricks and has head statues depicting eagles on its sides. The item of the dungeon is the Mirror Shield. The mini-boss of this dungeon is Grim Creeper, who also returns as the boss of the dungeon, using the Evil Eagle as his mount.

Entrance to the Tower

To get inside, Link needs the Bird Key to insert into the rock-shaped keystone. Unfortunately the key is in one of the many caverns of the mountain, across a broad pit that is impassible with only the Roc's Feather. However, in Mabe Village there is a weathercock which Link can move aside with the L-2 Power Bracelet. This reveals a hidden stairway, leading to the grave of the Flying Rooster, a blue Cucco that had the power of flight. After being revived by Link with the Frog's Song of Soul,[2] it decides to follow Link and aid him by flying whenever Link holds the rooster. The rooster helps Link fly across the large pit to reach the Bird Key. After inserting the key into its keyhole, the tower rotates once to reveal a hidden ladder that was previously behind the tower. This is the entrance to the tower.

Themes and Navigation

The interior of this dungeon is mostly green flooring and gray walls. This dungeon also has some blue tiles and numerous orange tiles which move up or down when a switch is hit. There are also many pits that lead to the floor below them. The very top of the tower, where the boss battle occurs and is outside, is in a side view.

The main puzzle of the tower involves collapsing the fourth floor into the third floor, allowing Link to access more rooms and the boss battle. This involves picking up a heavy, iron ball and throwing it at a total of four support pillars on the second floor.[3] Progress to each pillar is impeded by obstacles, notably the aforementioned orange tiles. Once all of the poles have been destroyed, there is a brief scene showing the top floor of the tower collapsing and becoming part of the third floor.

The main treasure of this dungeon is the Mirror Shield, which is found in a chest blocked by raised tiles on the second floor. However, if Link has the boomerang he can get the mirror shield earlier than he supposed to by throwing it diagonally at the crystal switch. The dungeon's mini-boss is Grim Creeper, an imp-like being that summons Keese to attack Link. He is not killed in the first battle, however, and returns, riding the boss, Evil Eagle. This battle takes place on the top of the tower, and unlike most bosses, the main danger is not being killed, but being knocked off the top of the tower, because if Link falls, the Eagle will have regained its health. The Mirror Shield is helpful in preventing Link from succumbing to the winds produced by the Eagle.

When looked on a map, the dungeon is simply in the shape of a circle due to it being a round tower. It is the only dungeon in the game whose map does not depict anything specific. The dungeon's name is most likely a reference to the boss, Evil Eagle. There are also head statues of eagles on the side of the tower, and brown statues of eagles at the beginning of the dungeon as well.

This dungeon is also one of the few dungeons in Link's Awakening that contains an optional Secret Seashell. In the room where Link fights the Hinox, he can drop down one of the leftmost holes and fall onto a platform. By following the platform north, Link can find a chest that contains a Secret Seashell.

Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オオワシの塔 Great Eagle's Tower
French-speaking countries French Tour du Vautour Vulture Tower
Federal Republic of Germany German Adlerfestung Eagle Fortress



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