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BotW Dugby Model.png
Race Goron
Gender Male[1]

Dugby is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Dugby is a Goron child who resides at the Goron Hot Springs in the Eldin Canyon. During the day, he can found sitting in one of its Hot Springs. At night, he is asleep.

Dugby gives the Side Quest "Death Mountain's Secret", in which he challenges Link to find the treasure that he buried near the Bridge of Eldin, with the promise that Link can keep it if he finds it.[2] However, because Dugby's mouth is submerged underwater when spoken to, his directions to the treasure come out as gurgles.[3] If visited during the night, Dugby mutters in his sleep clearer directions to the treasure.[4] The treasure turns out to be a Drillshaft. Although amazed that Link found the treasure, Dugby is skeptic about it and checks the Weapon to determine if it is the same Drillshaft he buried,[5] and confirms that it is the same one.[6] True to his word, he lets Link keep the Drillshaft as a reward for finding it.


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