Dubious Food

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Dubious Food
BotW Dubious Food Icon.png
Main appearance(s)
Restores Hearts

Dubious Food is one of the Foods in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses


  • Results from an invalid Cooking combination. Invalid combinations include:
    • Food with monster parts or critters
      • Food with monster parts and critters will usually produce an Elixir. The added food will modify the end result as normal.
    • Monster parts without critters, or vice-versa
    • Any recipe that would produce an Elixir without an effect (e.g. monster part + Chilly critter + Spicy critter)
    • Seasonings without food
  • If wood or ore is included, Rock-Hard Food will be made instead.
  • If a Fairy is included, Fairy Tonic will be made instead.


  1. "Dubious Food
    It's too gross to even look at. A bizarre smell issues forth from this heap. Eating it won,t hurt you, though...probably.
    " — Inventory (Breath of the Wild)