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Dr. Left

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Dr. Left
Dr. Left.png
Absentminded Scholar[1] (TMC)
Human (OoS)
Hylian (TMC)

Dr. Left is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3]


Oracle of Seasons

Dr. Left

Dr. Left first appears as a Cucco-studying biologist living in a southeastern residence of Horon Village in Oracle of Seasons. In return for lighting his torch with Ember Seeds, he rewards Link with a Cuccodex,[4] the first item in the Trading Quest. Whenever Link speaks with him afterwards, the doctor will feed him seemingly random facts about characters or monsters found throughout Holodrum. All his tidbits of knowledge begin with the characteristic phrase, "My books tell me..."

"My books tell me...

The Minish Cap

Dr. Left

Dr. Left later appears in The Minish Cap. Instead of researching Cuccos, he instead seems more interested in learning about the mysterious Picori race (better known as the "Minish").[5] He is the owner of the overdue Library Books, "Legend of the Picori", which Link must locate within Dr. Left's home and return to the library.[6] Before Link has to find the overdue library book, Dr. Left will not allow him into his house, as he is absorbed in his incessant study of the Minish race.[7] Ironically, Dr. Left is oblivious to the Minish living within his own home.[8] On occasion, Dr. Left will part with some seemingly valuable and exclusive information on the Minish, gleaned from hours of study.[9] This knowledge is laughingly inferior to what is already known by Link, due to his regular encounters with the Minish race on his adventures.

Dr. Left (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Dr. Left Figurine Sprite.png
Dr. Left
A gruff-talking academic type who is obsessed with studying the Picori. He doesn't seem to be aware that they are actually living in his own house.


  • The name "Dr. Left" is a pun on a nearly-identical character who appeared in a previous game, Mr. Write. Of course, the pun on the words write being pronounced as right, and right and left being opposites.
  • In Oracle of Ages, Dr. Troy plays a similar role to that of Dr. Left; he will offer Link information about various characters and monsters throughout Labrynna. Dr. Troy speaks of the very same monsters as Dr. Left, with the exception of Golden Monsters, which do not appear in Oracle of Ages.
  • Unlike almost all other humans in The Minish Cap, he refers to the Minish as "Minish" rather than "Picori". This is likely to demonstrate his knowledge of them compared to other humans.
  • The game Super Smash Bros. Brawl states that Dr. Left is a mock-up of Sim City's Dr. Wright, not only due to the obvious link in last name, but also an uncanny likeness in hairstyle and color.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese レフト教授 (Refuto Kyōju) Professor Left
French Republic FrenchEU Left
Federal Republic of Germany German Blöm
Italian Republic Italian Prof. Left
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Dr. Left



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