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Temple of Time

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This article is about the temple located in Hyrule. For the temple located in the Sacred Realm, see the Temple of Light.
Temple of Time
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The Temple of Time from Breath of the Wild
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The Temple of Time is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] It is revealed in Twilight Princess that there is an entire dungeon section to the temple, accessible from a portal hidden behind a window in the back room.

Door of Time

The Spiritual Stones on the pedestal before the Door of Time
The Door of Time opening

The Door of Time,[2] located within the Temple of Time, is the powerful barrier that blocks access to the Pedestal of Time. The Master Sword, which is the key to entering the Sacred Realm, rests in this pedestal.

The door can only be opened by bringing together three Spiritual Stones: the Kokiri's Emerald, the Goron's Ruby, and the Zora's Sapphire.[3] When these three stones are brought together and the Song of Time is played with the Ocarina of Time at the altar, the door slides open and the path to the legendary blade is revealed.[4]

According to Princess Zelda, the Door of Time is, effectively, an obstacle to the Sacred Realm put in place when the Triforce was sealed away in the Temple of Light.[3] At the end of Ocarina of Time, after Link and Princess Zelda seal away Ganondorf in the void of the Evil Realm, Princess Zelda asks that Link return the Master Sword to its pedestal and close the Door of Time, at which point the "road between times will be closed."[5]

The Door of Time possibly made another appearance in Twilight Princess. At the entrance to the ruined temple, there is a single set of stone doors. When translated from ancient Hylian, the inscription upon them reads "Time Door." The mystical portal contained within these doors became the means through which the Link of Twilight Princess was able to travel back in time to visit the Temple of Time fully intact, as it stood in the days of his forbearer.

Features and Overview

Ocarina of Time

Many years after the events of Skyward Sword, there was an era of chaos with wars and fighting over the Triforce that was located in the Sacred Realm. To put an end to these wars, an ancient sage, Rauru, built over the remains of the Sealed Temple a new Temple of Time, which contained the only entrance to the Sacred Realm.[6][1] Using the Master Sword and the three Spiritual Stones as keys to the Sacred Realm, this new temple was the sanctified gateway between Hyrule and the Sacred Realm, and its purpose was to protect that gateway, and thus the Triforce, from evildoers who would seek to misuse it.[7][8][9] Inside the Temple of Time is a chamber that is home to the Master Sword and the Pedestal of Time; however, the entrance to this chamber is sealed by the Door of Time.[3] When the Master Sword was infused into the Pedestal of Time, it sealed that gateway in the hopes of preventing all but the most worthy to reach the Sacred Realm, where the sacred Triforce lies within the Temple of Light.

Within the temple stands a sacred altar which bears inscribed instructions to opening the Door of Time, which leads to the chamber of the Master Sword. The inscription reads that the person needs to have possession of all three Spiritual Stones, stand with the Ocarina of Time, and play the Song of Time.[4] It is said that only the Hero of Time may enter the secret chambers of the temple and draw the Master Sword.[10] If the Hero of Time withdraws the Master Sword from its pedestal, it will once again open the portal to the Sacred Realm, granting access to the Temple of Light.[11]

The first room of the Temple of Time

During the Era of the Hero of Time, a few years after the Hyrulean Civil War that left him an orphan in Kokiri Forest, a young Link begins collecting the three Spiritual Stones from the Kokiri, Goron and Zora races to let him gain entry to the chamber in which the Master Sword resides. After collecting the three stones and getting the Ocarina of Time from a young Princess Zelda, who was fleeing Hyrule Castle with her nurse maid Impa, Link travels to the Temple of Time to acquire the Master Sword and enter the Sacred Realm in order to obtain the Triforce before Ganondorf does.[12] However, his spirit is unexpectedly sealed away for seven years by the Master Sword, for Link was not yet old enough to become the Hero of Time.[13] When Link finally awakens seven years later within the heart of the Sacred Realm, the Temple of Light, the ancient sage known as Rauru explains the kingdom of Hyrule's dire situation to him, gives him the Light Medallion, and charges him with the task of awakening six new sages so that all seven of them will have enough power to seal Ganondorf within the Sacred Realm and save the kingdom.[14]

In order to awaken all of the Sages, Link must keep returning to the Temple of Time to use the Pedestal of Time to travel in time back and forth seven years.[15] To help him with this, Princess Zelda, disguised as Sheik, teaches the young hero the Prelude of Light, a melody that he can play on his ocarina to quickly return to the Temple of Time any time he wishes.[16]

When Link has successfully awakened his childhood friend, the leader of the Gorons, the Zora princess, Princess Zelda's nanny and the female leader of the Gerudo theives as the new Sages, only one remains. Rauru advises him to go to the Temple of Time and meet with someone who is waiting for him there.[17] Here, Link meets Sheik, who reveals himself to be Princess Zelda as well as the seventh Sage.[18] After explaining the reason behind her hiding and her motives, the princess asks for Link's help one last time to defeat Ganondorf and grants him the Light Arrows, the only weapon that can penetrate the evil king's defenses.[19]

Upon defeating Ganondorf and being sent back in time seven years by a guilt-stricken Princess Zelda to relive the years of his childhood that he missed, Link leaves the Master Sword behind in its pedestal in the temple and steps out into what will be a new history caused by his foreknowledge of the future.

Twilight Princess

Main article: Temple of Time (Twilight Princess)
The main hall of the Temple of Time, as seen in the past

In the Era of Twilight, the Temple of Time has fallen into decay, becoming a complex of unidentifiable ruins still located in the Faron Woods, in an area deep within the Sacred Grove.[20] Its existence is now known to few simply as a legend of an ancient temple deep within the woods, tied to the early history of Hyrule.[21] The only thing that remains in place is the Pedestal of Time, where the Master Sword rests.

When Link briefly thrusts the Master Sword into the Pedestal of Time in the Sacred Grove, a statue that was blocking a nearby door is immediately removed. Entering through this door takes the hero an undisclosed amount of time into the past and allows him to explore the temple before it fell into deep ruin.

In the past, the Temple of Time is virtually identical to how it appears during the events of Ocarina of Time, with the exception of the missing Spiritual Stones altar. When the Master Sword is thrust into its pedestal, a blue staircase appears that can be used to reach the back window of the room, which grants access a previously hidden part of the temple that appears to be entirely separate from the kingdom of Hyrule itself. This new section of the temple acts as a dungeon from where Link can find the Dominion Rod and a missing piece of the fractured Mirror of Twilight. By stepping back through the temple's main entrance, Link is taken back to the present.

Skyward Sword

Zelda and Impa in front of a Gate of Time

The original, ancient Temple of Time that existed during the Era of the Goddess Hylia and the Sky Era appears in the northwestern section of the Lanayru Desert in the Lanayru Province. It is accessible after completing the Lanayru Mining Facility dungeon. When Link first arrives at this temple, he finds Zelda and Impa at the Gate of Time.[22] Ghirahim then bursts in on the brief reunion, but is held at bay by Impa while Zelda throws the Goddess's Harp to Link and tells him that he will need it.[23] Zelda and Impa escape through the gate and Impa uses a magical explosive to permanently destroy it, preventing Ghirahim from pursuing them.

This temple differs from its successor because it is an open air courtyard and is located in the desert. At the western edge of this temple is a monumental stone of the Hylian Crest and a Gate of Time.

Breath of the Wild

Link approaching the Temple of Time during a storm

In Breath of the Wild, the Temple of Time is located in the Great Plateau in Central Hyrule, close to the Shrine of Resurrection. The temple can be seen in an extremely dilapidated state, with missing and broken windows, crumbling rooftop, and collapsed walls. Rubble is strewn around the temple's interior and the structure appears to have been reclaimed by nature as grass can be seen growing inside and ivy creeps up the walls. A statue of Hylia can be found inside, which looks like a smaller version of the Statue of the Goddess. Link is able to climb the temple, with a ladder on one side providing access to the roof of the building. A Traveller's Bow can be found inside a Treasure Chest in a small side-chamber located near the temple's entrance. A Soldier's Bow can be found in the upper-most level of the tower, which can only be accessed by climbing the building's structure.

An expansive area of unidentified ruins are situated in front of the temple. Many Guardian remains can be found within the ruins and outside of the temple, while a group of Bokoblins inhabit the area.

Minor Enemies

Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

The Temple of Time appears in two stages of Link's Crossbow Training. The first appearance in Stage 7 is a Ranger Mode Level in which Link's objective is to tour the temple and slay the Lizalfos. Only a few rooms and hallways of the Temple of Time are used in this game. In addition the Lizalfos, Keese, and Beamos will also be found attacking Link. The second appearance of the temple, in Stage 8, takes place in a single room within. In this room, Link battles a Darknut.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 時の神殿 (Toki no Shinden)
時の神殿跡 (Toki no Shinden Ato) (BotW)
Same as English
Temple of Time Ruins
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 时光之神殿
Republic of China, Hong Kong and Macao ChineseTR 時之神殿
Netherlands Dutch Tempel des tijds (BotW)
French-speaking countries French Temple du Temps
Temple du temps (OoT3D)
Federal Republic of Germany German Zitadelle der Zeit
Italian Republic Italian Santuario del Tempo (OoT3D) Sanctuary of Time
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Templo del Tiempo



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