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Doof (Hitch in the Works).png
Doof as seen in "Hitch in the Works"
Castle Handyman[1]
Other media

Doof is a character featured in the "Hitch in the Works" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series.[citation needed] He is North Castle's handyman and is known for his inventions.[1]


While filling the castle's lamps with oil, Link spies a strange mechanical robot that takes a few steps toward him and promptly shatters, much to the dismay of its builder, Doof. Doof tells Link that the robot was supposed to be his assistant so that it could help him with the chores and is disappointed to see that it failed to work.[2] Link encourages him to try again so that the young hero will do less work around the castle,[3] but Doof's magic only causes the robot to go haywire, using a mop as a pogo stick and making a mess all over the place. While Link and Doof are chasing the robot, some of Ganon's Moblins infiltrate the castle by using a secret trapdoor under the floor tiles. The Moblins break Doof's robot again,[4] and during their battle with Link, ensnare him in a net. Doof attempts to help by casting a spell on the robot again, allowing Link enough time to defeat the Moblins while they are distracted by it.[5] Unfortunately, a hit from a Moblin's Boomerang causes Doof's robot to collapse once more, knocking Link unconscious. Princess Zelda then scolds the young hero for falling asleep on the job, and although Link tries to tell her about the Moblins he defeated, Doof is not there to back him up and Zelda does not believe him.[6] Link then asks Doof if he can conjure up some fake Moblins so he can "rescue" Zelda and get out of doing the chores.[7]

Since Zelda overheard Doof and Link's discussion, when real Moblins come and capture her, the young hero is taken off guard since they both assume that they are Doof's fake Moblins.[8][9] Link eventually manages to save the princess and, once they are out of the Underworld, Zelda screams and jumps into Link's arms, when she sees one, which turns out to be Doof's fake Moblin after all.



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