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Main appearance(s)
Prissen (brother)[3]

Domidak is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Domidak can be found at the Dueling Peaks Stable with his twin brother, Prissen. Domidak considers himself a premiere treasure hunter, and is often praised for his skills by his younger brother.[4][1] When Link approaches them, he will find that the two of them are busy discussing a bandit by the name of Misko and the location of their supposed treasure.[5] However, Domidak will quiet his brother when he notices Link standing there.[6][7] As Prissen explains who they are, Domidak immediately chides him for giving out information.[8] Domidak is quick to dismiss Link and any attempt at conversation.[9][3] Should Link choose to drop the subject, Domidak will state that Misko's treasure is for seasoned treasure hunters and promptly rules Link out of the competition.[10] He then mutters to himself that he is grateful for the lack of rivals.[10]

If Link is persistent, Domidak will give up his attempts to pass off Prissen's slip as rambling.[11] When Prissen suggests telling Link the riddle they found to get him to leave, Domidak agrees.[12][13] Domidak explains that they are seeking the treasure of Misko, a legendary bandit.[14] However, Domidak refuses to tell more without proper compensation and requires 100 Rupees,[15] though he claims the price for the exclusive information is a steal.[16] If Link agrees, but does not have enough Rupees, Domidak will scoff and turn him away.[17]

Once Link agrees to the deal and gives up the Rupees required,[18] Domidak will tell him the riddle they discovered.[19] He explains where he got this information from and claims it is unmistakable.[20] At the end of the conversation, the "Misko, the Great Bandit" Side Quest begins. Link can still talk to the pair to overhear Domidak musing over the riddle.[21][22] If Link tells them to keep at it Prissen will snap at him, causing Domidak to tell his brother to quiet down and let him think.[23]

Link can let the pair know that he already solved the riddle, but Domidak does not believe him.[24] Prissen declares that Link could never solve the puzzle before his brother and Domidak goes back to mulling the riddle over.[25]


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