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Dolphin Jump

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Dolphin Jump
MM Dolphin Jump.png

The Dolphin Jump is a technique performed by Zora Link that allows him to jump out of the water onto a piece of land very quickly and efficiently.

How to Perform

To perform the Dolphin Jump, Zora Link must dive down and start swimming by holding A. Once Zora Link is swimming, the player must press and hold down on the analog stick. When Link reaches the surface, he will breach it and leap into the air. This technique makes the fight with the Great Bay Temple boss, Gyorg, much easier and can also save time, as it will allow Link to jump onto platforms instead of climbing up them.


  • In the Japanese version of Majora's Mask, Link must utilize this technique to reach the Marine Research Laboratory, as the water level is not high enough for him to climb onto it. This was changed in international versions.