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Divine Beast Vah Naboris (Quest)

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This page is about the Main Quest. For the Divine Beast, see Divine Beast Vah Naboris.
Divine Beast Vah Naboris
BotW Link and Riju.png
Link, Riju and Patricia standing before Divine Beast Vah Naboris after weakening it
Quest Giver Riju
Location Gerudo Town
Reward Scimitar of the Seven
Urbosa's Fury
Previous Quest
"Forbidden City Entry"

"Divine Beast Vah Naboris" is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Once Link has disguised himself as a woman and gained entry to Gerudo Town by completing the "Forbidden City Entry" Main Quest, he can start this Quest by finding Lady Riju, a young Gerudo child who is Chief of the Gerudo.[2] The young Gerudo Chief can be found in the palace in Gerudo Town, sitting upon the throne beside the captain of the guard, Buliara. When Link approaches them, Buliara will stop Link and demand him to explain his business there.[2] Riju will quickly tell Buliara to hold on, noticing that Link is more than a common traveler and asks for his name.[3] Link tells Riju his name and that he can calm the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, which has been recently threatening the people in Gerudo with its lightning.[4] Riju questions if Link is powerful enough to subdue a Divine Beast and mentions that only the Champions like Lady Urbosa are capable of controlling the Divine Beasts,[5] though they died in the Great Calamity 100 years ago.[6] Riju then recalls her mother speaking of a fallen swordsman that was placed into a deep sleep by the Princess of Hyrule when the Calamity happened.[7] She also recalls that the swordsman's name was Link, hesitantly wondering if the Link before her is that same swordsman.[8]

If Link is not carrying the legendary sword, Buliara will point out that Link is not carrying the sword from those same legends.[9] Riju agrees that he does not appear to be carrying the sword that seals the darkness,[10] stating that Princess Zelda hid it in a forest.[11] She then notices the Sheikah Slate on Link's hip,[12] pointing out that the Sheikah would not give something so valuable to just anybody.[13] Buliara mentions that she does not recall hearing of a Hylian woman among the Champions before quickly realizing that Link is actually a man.[14] Riju states that it is a great crime for a man to enter Gerudo Town, but Riju dismisses this with the Sheikah Slate being enough proof for her that Link is a Champion.[15] She tells Link that they would never mistreat a friend of Lady Urbosa and that they are allies if he is here to help subdue Naboris.[16]

Riju informs Link that they have yet to find a way to appease Naboris.[17] She reasons that if Link truly is a Champion, then he may be able to enter Naboris and calm its anger.[18] Buliara urges Riju not to trust a stranger with such an important task,[19] suggesting that he prove himself worthy by recovering the stolen Thunder Helm.[20] Riju agrees with this suggestion and proceeds to explain that the Thunder Helm is the only thing in Hyrule that can withstand the lightning from Naboris.[21] Buliara assures Lady Riju that recovering the stolen Thunder Helm should be an easy task for Link if he is truly a Champion.[22] Buliara tells Link that Captain Teake in the barracks nearby can tell him about the thieves who stole the Thunder Helm.[23] Before he leaves for the barracks, Riju says that Link's arrival must be a sign that Lady Urbosa is looking out for them.[24]

Teake will inform Link that the thieves are known as the Yiga Clan and that their Hideout is in Karusa Valley.[25] To reach this secret base, Link must pass through Karusa Valley at the risk of being attacked by several Yiga Footsoldiers. Once inside, Link must sneak past a few rooms full of Yiga Blademasters. Should Link get caught, he will be swarmed with Yiga members who will attempt to kill him. If Link is discovered and subsequently dies, he will have to start over from the beginning. Once Link successfully reaches the end of the Yiga Clan Hideout, he will face the leader of the Yiga Clan, Master Kohga. After defeating this boss, Link will be gifted a Treasure Chest containing Riju's Thunder Helm.

Once Link returns to Riju with the Thunder Helm, she will tell him to meet her at the Lookout Post south of Gerudo Town to prepare for the attack on Naboris.[26] Before leaving, she mentions that the only way to get close to Naboris is by riding a Sand Seal.[27] When Link arrives to the outpost, Riju will be there waiting for him, equipped with the Thunder Helm. She will tell Link of her plan to take advantage of the fact that Naboris draws energy from the ground, indicating they must damage its feet in order to temporarily subdue it.[28] She also warns Link to stay close to her to avoid getting shocked by Naboris and gives him some Bomb Arrows.[29][30] Before they begin, Riju holds her arms skyward and declares that she will calm Naboris.[31] She then gathers power by asking her ancestors to aid her and specifically asks Lady Urbosa for her protection.[32]

Link and Riju then must ride Sand Seals into the sandstorm toward Naboris, where Link must shoot the each of the Divine Beast's feet twice with Bomb Arrows in order to weaken it. Naboris will periodically charge its lightning attack, aiming to strike Link with lightning. To avoid taking damage, Link must ride his Sand Seal close to Riju so that Riju's Thunder Helm absorbs the lightning and leaves him unharmed. Once Link has shot all four of the mechanical beast's legs, it will temporarily power down and stop walking. During this time, the body of Naboris will lower enough for Link to reach its entrance.

Once inside the Divine Beast, it will resume moving and Link will hear Urbosa speaking to him.[33] After downloading the dungeon's Map, finding all five Terminals and activating the Main Control Unit, Link must fight Thunderblight Ganon. After defeating this malicious scourge, Urbosa's soul will appear and thank Link for his valor and skill.[34] Urbosa rewards Link with her special ability, Urbosa's Fury.[35] Upon returning to Riju to deliver the news, she is relieved that Vah Naboris is no longer a threat.[36] As thanks for Link's help, Riju offers Link priceless pieces of equipment that were once used by Urbosa.[37] Before Riju is done speaking, she mentions that it is right for Link to have them because he and Urbosa were once friends and the Quest will be complete.[38] Link will find two Treasure Chests behind Riju's throne. The one on the left contains the Scimitar of the Seven and the one on the right contains the Daybreaker Shield. Should the Scimitar of the Seven break, Link can bring it to Buliara to repair it in exchange for one Diamond, five Flint and a Gerudo Scimitar.[39]


Stage Description
1 The leader of the Gerudo, Lady Riju, asked for your help in conquering Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Before you can confront the Divine Beast, the Gerudo need help recovering the chief's heriloom, which has been stolen. Captain Teake in the solders' barracks has the latest information on the thieves.
2 After speaking with Captain Teake, you learned that the thieves are hiding out in Karusa Valley, but the hideout itself has not been scouted by any of the soldiers.

Gather additional information from the soldiers, and then head for the thieves' hideout.
3 You've arrived in the thieves' hideout! You can sense many people waiting withinβ€”you would be at a disadvantage if a fight were to break out.

Sneak into the hideout, and recover the Gerudo chief's heirloom.
4 You retrieved the chief's heirloom from the thieves' leader!

It's time to head back to Gerudo Town and return the heirloom to Riju!
5 At last you are ready to take on the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Head for the lookout post where Riju is waiting for you.

Riju has told you that a fight with the Divine Beast will go much more smoothly for one who knows how to sand-seal surf.
6 You defeated the Thunderblight Ganon lurking deep within the Divine Beast Vah Naboris!

Urbosa's Divine Beast Vah Naboris has taken up a position in the eastern region of the Gerudo Desert.

Make your way back to Gerudo Town, and report to the chief of the Gerudo, Riju!
Complete You've reported to Riju that you've conquered Divine Beast Vah Naboris!

You've learned how to use Urbosa's Fury, one of the Champions' blessings.



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