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Dillie is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Dillie is a Hylian who travels with Jora. Link can find Dillie and Jora in the West Barrens of the Gerudo Desert being attacked by a group of Bokoblins. If Link defeats the monsters and speaks to Dillie, he tells Link that they are headed to Gerudo Town.[1] Dillie explains that they heard it is a city of "foxy ladies" and thinks that the women will treat them like kings,[2] asking Link if he is jealous of their plan and warning him not to copy their idea.[3] Dillie then questions what woman would be interested in a "skinny twig" like Link anyway.[4] Dillie also wonders what the women in Gerudo Town do all day and fantasizes about being the only man in the Town.[5][6] If Link speaks to Dillie while he is standing beside Jora and looking out into the Desert, he asks Jora if he is alright and reminds him that they are headed to Gerudo Town to cheer him up.[7] As consolation, he offers to let Jora lead the way,[8] shocking Jora and prompting him to ask when they decided he was leading the way.[9] Exasperated, Dillie hunches over in disappointment and remarks that he's gotta be kidding him.[10]


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