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TLoZ Digdogger Artwork.png
Digdogger artwork from The Legend of Zelda
Dungeon(s)Level-5, Level-7 (TLoZ)
Unicorn's Cave (OoS)

Digdogger is a boss in The Legend of Zelda and Oracle of Seasons.

The Legend of Zelda Manual Comment

The Legend of Zelda


Big sea urchins. In spite of their big bodies, they shrivel up when attacked. But watch out! They come on pretty strong.


The Legend of Zelda

TLoZ Digdogger Sprite.png

In The Legend of Zelda, a Digdogger appears as the boss of Level-5. To defeat it, Link must play the Recorder to shrink the creature into a smaller version of itself. Link can then defeat Digdogger with his Sword. Another Digdogger appears in Level-7. Using the Recorder will split the creature into three smaller versions of itself, which can be defeated with the Sword.

Oracle of Seasons

Digdogger OOS.png

In Oracle of Seasons, Digdogger appears as the boss of the Unicorn's Cave.[1] Using the Magnetic Gloves at north polarity, Link can cause the spiked ball that lays in the boss area to smash into Digdogger. After a few smashes from the spiked ball, the Digdogger will split into its smaller versions. Link must then hit each of them with the spiked ball or his Sword to defeat them.


  • Vitreous, the boss of Misery Mire from A Link to the Past, is called ゲルドーガ (Geldogger) in Japanese. The suffix "-dogger," in addition to its eyeball appearance, connects it to Digdogger.
  • Although described as a sea urchin in the international manual,[2] the Japanese manual describes it as a giant Unira,[3] an urchin monster from Clu Clu Land. In that game, an Unira will become stunned if Bubbles, the protagonist, uses a sound attack on it. Using the recorder to defeat Digdogger may be a reference to this.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese デグドガ (Degudoga)
ミニデグドガ (Mini Degudoga)
Mini Digdogger
French Republic FrenchEU Digdogger
Federal Republic of Germany German Digdogger
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Digdogger (TLoZ)



  1. "Dungeon Boss DIGDOGGER
    By now, you've learned that any tool that you find in a dungeon will be instrumental in fighting that dungeon's boss. You can steer the giant spiked ball into Digdoger [sic] with the Magnetic Gloves."
    (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages Player's Guide (Nintendo of America), pg. 39)
  2. "Big sea urchins. In spite of their big bodies, they shrivel up when attacked. But watch out! The come on pretty strong." (The Legend of Zelda manual, pg. 38)
  3. "A giant Unira. Due to its enormous size, shockwaves will cause its body to shrivel up. However, it has powerful offensive strength." (The Legend of Zelda manual)
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