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Devilish Girl

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Devilish Girl
ALBW Devilish Girl Model.png

The Devilish Girl is a character in A Link Between Worlds.[citation needed]


The Devilish Girl is a quirky girl who resides at the entrance of the Treacherous Tower. She waits for contenders to come and challenge the Treacherous Tower's various levels of difficulty for a fee,[1] though she does not expect people to return alive.[2][3] She has a cheery personality, often shouting in joy over being given Rupees.[4]

The Devilish Girl gives Link various things for completing the Treacherous Tower. For beating the Intermediate level the first time, she will give the young hero a Piece of Heart.[5] She also gives Link upgrades to his Lantern and Net. For completing the Treacherous Tower with better times, she will give Link Rupees.[6]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 小悪魔ちゃん (Ko Akuma-chan) Little Devil
French-speaking countries French Petite démone Little (female) devil
Federal Republic of Germany German Teufelchen Little Devil
Italian Republic Italian Carlotta
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Aresia


  1. "Boom boom in the room! Glad to see you back here, sword boy! C'mon and give your luck a try! What's 100 Rupees these days? [Boom boom!] That's the spirit, sword boy! The rules are super simple! A bunch of baddies are gonna attack you. Just beat 'em! You look just like you can take care of yourself, but since it's your first time, just stick to the Beginner course. Just five stages, so it'll be a piece of boom-boom cake for you! That'll be 100 Rupees. Please and thank you! All right! Have fun in there! And do come back in one piece." — Devilish Woman (A Link Between Worlds)
  2. "I forgot to tell you... Returning alive is NOT guaranteed! Enjoy!" — Devilish Woman (A Link Between Worlds)
  3. "Wow! You made it back! that's, like...crazy! Your clear time was XX minutes, XX seconds! Tell ya what-- if you can beat that time on this course, I'll add some extra Rupees to your reward stash! And since you cleared this course, you can try the Intermediate course next time if you want to! The Intermediate course is 15 levels! Lots of baddies AND a piece of heart is waiting for you at the end! It only costs 200 Rupees to try it out! Have I sold you on it yet? Just lemme know if you want another go at it! I'm not going anywhere! Promise me you'll come back, OK? Please and thank you!" — Devilish Girl (A Link Between Worlds)
  4. "YAY! That's the spirit! The Intermediate course has 15 floors! That's tons of baddies for your entertainment at the low cost of only 200 Rupees! Please and thank you! INCOMING!" — Devilish Girl (A Link Between Worlds)
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  6. "A new record! Boom boom all around! Here's an extra bonus for you!" — Devilish Girl (A Link Between Worlds)