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Demise's Sword

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Quote1.png I've let a mere boy make a fool out of me for the last time. You stand before a demon... or should I say, a weapon without mercy! Quote2.png
— Demon Lord Ghirahim
Demise's sword
Use(s) Demise's weapon of choice, Ghirahim's true form.

Demise's Sword is the blade wielded by Demise in the finale of Skyward Sword.[1] It is Ghirahim's true form; as the servant of the Demon King, and he has the capability of returning to the blade, like Fi and the Master Sword. It bears an upside-down Triforce (similar to the Lorulean Triforce) on the blade as well.


Ghirahim's Final Form

Throughout Skyward Sword, Ghirahim pursues Zelda in attempt to revive Demise from his imprisonment. As Link progresses farther in the game, Ghirahim's appearance begins to gain dark marks in several places. In the final stretch, in order to fully revive Demise, Ghirahim takes on his true form which bears great resemblance to Fi, strongly emphasizing that he is in fact the spirit of a sword. When Demise is fully revived, he summons the sword from Ghirahim, his true form, and Ghirahim is sent into the sword. In the end, when Demise is defeated, the sword dissolves, likely taking Ghirahim with it.


Demise carrying his blade

The blade is significantly larger in comparison to the Master Sword. It is capable of sending Link flying backwards in one strike and when lifted in the air during the presence of a severe thunderstorm, it can absorb lightning bolts to charge up and send electric shocks when stricken with a metal object, as well as beams.

Demise's sword is almost completely black with a red aura surrounding it. The hilt bears resemblance to the Master Sword, with a red jewel as opposed to the Master Sword's golden one. The blade differs from the Master Sword in terms of shape and size, but it bears an upside-down Triforce emblem.



  1. "Master, should your sword come into contact with Demise's sword once it has electrified, you will receive a painful shock." — Fi (Skyward Sword)
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