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BotW Deltan Model.png
Race Gerudo
Gender Female

Deltan is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Deltan is a Gerudo who can be found depressed and hunched over at a table in The Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town. Presumably intoxicated from drinking, Deltan mutters about "stupid voe" to herself if Link tries to speak to her.[1] Deltan complains about a man who told her that he is engaged but claims that she cannot be angry about it.[2] She also complains about a man who told her that he likes to cook after she took Ashai's cooking class,[3] another man who said that he does not like girls twice his height and a man who prefers shorter hair.[4][5]


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  2. ""I'm engaged." *sigh* I can't even be angry at that one..." — Deltan (Breath of the Wild)
  3. ""I like to be the one to do the cooking." Jerk waits until AFTER I take the cooking class to tell me this..." — Deltan (Breath of the Wild)
  4. ""I don't like girls twice my height..." What's he mean by that?! I'm only eight feet tall!" — Deltan (Breath of the Wild)
  5. ""I really like shorter hair..." I grew my hair out because he said he liked LONG hair!" — Deltan (Breath of the Wild)