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BotW E3 Trailer Forest Area.png
Mountain Deer in Breath of the Wild
Other media
Habitat(s)Hyrule Field
Lanayru Great Spring
Gerudo Highlands
Hebra Mountains

Deer are recurring Animals in The Legend of Zelda series.


Deer are brown ruminants with cloven hooves found in the forested regions of Hyrule. They are most immediately recognized for the branching antlers that appear on males of the species. Though they will use their antlers in self-defense, Deer are more likely to run away from danger as they are notoriously skittish and timid.

Three different Deer appear in Breath of the Wild. The most populous individuals are the Mountain Bucks and Mountain Doe that can be found roaming in wooded areas and grassy plains throughout Hyrule. They can be hunted using Weapons and drop Raw Meat when killed. Deer Hunting is a popular sport where victors are awarded Rupees. If Link is stealthy enough, he can mount and ride Mountain Deer like he would a wild horse. When mounted, the Deer will try to buck him off until it is soothed, at which point the Mountain Deer will allow Link to ride it. Unlike Horses, Link is unable to spur the Mountain Deer while riding to get a speed boost and they cannot be registered at the stables.[1] When Link dismounts from the Mountain Deer, it will flee. Riding a Deer in this way is necessary for the completion of The Crowned Beast Shrine Quest to gain access to Mezza Lo Shrine.

The third and largest Deer in Hyrule is the Tabantha Moose found in the cold regions of Tabantha, Hebra, and Gerudo.[2] It is a hardy animal that cannot be ridden, but serves as a source of rare meats.

Other Appearances

The Crystal Trap

Oracle of Ages (Himekawa)

In the Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa, Deer first appear after Link and Impa enter the forest Nayru is hiding in. Alongside the other animals, they aggressively confront the two, demanding they go back.[3] Since he was able to speak with animals in Holodrum,[4] Link tells the forest dwellers they mean no harm and that Princess Zelda sent them to find Nayru.[5] The Deer and animals are surprised Link can speak to them, realizing he is a Hylian of the old blood.[6] Meanwhile, Nayru stops strumming the Harp of Ages in her glade. A doe stands nearby and asks Nayru with the smaller animals around her to continue singing.[7] The doe watches as Link and Impa converse with the oracle. When Impa is revealed to be possesed by Veran,[8] the doe leads a charge against the Sheikah to protect Nayru. However, once the doe and other animals make contact with Impa, Veran leaves her host and possesses Nayru instead.[9] Veran enters Labrynna's past using Nayru, leaving the Harp of Ages behind.[10] The doe spectates as Link and Ralph fight over the Harp before Link accidentally strums it and is transported to the past.


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