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Deepwood Shrine

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Deepwood Shrine
Deepwood Shrine.png
Location(s) Minish Woods
Game(s) The Minish Cap
Main Item Gust Jar
Mini-boss(es) Madderpillar
Boss(es) Big Green Chuchu
Quest Reward(s)Earth Element
Heart Container

The Deepwood Shrine is the first Dungeon within The Minish Cap.[1] It is a Minish-size Dungeon located behind the lost city of the Minish deep within the Minish Woods. It was once a meeting place between Minish and humans.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Big Green Chuchu

Due to Vaati opening the Bound Chest, the Shrine is now infested with monsters and has been abandoned by the nearby Forest Picori of the Minish Village.

When Link comes to the Minish Woods in search of a way to reforge the Picori Blade, the Elder tells the young hero to seek out the Four Elements, one of which is hidden in the Shrine. The Elder gives Link permission to enter the Shrine, guarded by the village priest, Festari.

Themes and Navigation

The Shrine shows many signs of being long abandoned, due to the large amount of cobwebs lining the walls. The main room in the Dungeon houses a large Barrel mounted horizontally on a pole. Link must first remove obstructions at the ends of the pole and then run inside the barrel to rotate holes into position allowing access to the other parts of the dungeon. Most of the puzzles in the Shrine involve pushing pots or statues onto switches or using the Gust Jar to open passageways. The bottom floor is flooded with water and Link must use a Lily Pad to navigate, using the Gust Jar as the motor. It is infested with Sluggula, Red Pestos and Puffstools.

Minor Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Deepwood Shrine
Japan Japanese 森の叢祠 (Mori no Hokora) Forest Shrine
French Republic FrenchEU Temple de la Forêt Forest Temple
Federal Republic of Germany German Wald-Schrein Forest Shrine
Italian Republic Italian Tempietto della Foresta Forest Temple
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Sepulcro del bosque Woods Shrine



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