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Daruk's Protection

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Daruk's Protection
BotW Daruk's Protection.png
Link using Daruk's Protection
Use(s)Protects Link from all attacks

Daruk's Protection, also known as the Power of Daruk and Daruk's Power,[1][2] is a Key Item and an ability in Breath of the Wild.

Location and Uses

Link receives Daruk's Protection from the Goron Champion, Daruk, after defeating Fireblight Ganon and completing the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[3] Daruk's Protection creates a red crystal barrier around Link when used, protecting him from all attacks and damage while up, as well as deflecting certain attacks back such as Guardian beams. It is activated by pressing and holding the ZL button. Daruk's Protection can still be used even if Link is not equipped with a Shield.

Daruk's Protection can be used three times before needing to recharge and cannot be used again for 18 real time minutes. While in Hyrule Castle, Daruk's Protection instead takes six minutes to recharge. After being upgraded to Daruk's Protection +, its normal recharge time is reduced to six minutes and its charge time inside Hyrule Castle is reduced to two minutes. If Link executes a Perfect Guard with a Shield to deflect an attack while Daruk's Protection is up, then the ability will not be used. Like all Champion abilities in Breath of the Wild, it can be disabled from the Key Items inventory. Daruk's Protection cannot be used while inside an Ancient Shrine.

Daruk uses this ability in Link's fourth Recovered Memory, "Daruk's Mettle", when he shields Link from a falling boulder caused by a quake.[4] Yunobo is also able to use Daruk's Protection as he is a descendant of him.[5] Yunobo uses this ability whenever Bludo fires him at the Divine Beast Vah Rudania with the Cannon, as normal cannonballs are ineffective.[6] Yunobo also uses the ability to protect himself when confronted by enemies.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 英傑ダルケルの護り (Eiketsu Darukeru no Mamori) Hero Daruk's Protection
French Republic FrenchEU Bouclier de Daruk Daruk's Shield


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