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Main appearance(s)
Rensa (father)[1]
Tasseren (uncle)[2]
Shibo (twin brother)[3]

Darton is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Darton can be found at the Dueling Peaks Stable with his family, usually near the Horses and his twin brother, Shibo. When approached, he begins speaking to his brother in hushed words about whether or not Link may be interested in Horses.[4] He decides that Link has the look of a Horse enthusiast,[5] and concludes that he must be a customer.[6][7] Darton believes that Link's passion for Horses is apparent in his eyes.[3] Because of this, Darton encourages Link to ask the pair of them for information about steeds.[8]

Darton and Shibo will tell Link various facts about Horses if he asks. They will teach him how to sneak up behind a Horse to catch it off guard,[9] essentially teaching him how to crouch.[10] If questioned about which Horses are good for riding, they will explain how the color indicates their temperament: gentle Horses have spots, while more wild Horses are solid in color.[11] They also point out the differences between the two temperaments.[12] Darton and Shibo's father, Rensa, also gave them advice on what kind of Horse is difficult to train, and which to start with.[13][14] When asked about how to train a Horse properly, the twins point out that a Horse will not be obedient at first and must be soothed.[15] Darton mentions that their father says constantly soothing a Horse will not help,[16] so the rider must only do it when the Horse is doing what it is being told.[17] Whenever the twins are finished answering a question, Darton will ask if Link understood everything.[18] When Link decides to leave, Darton and Shibo will say goodbye the same way.[19] When spoken to again, Darton will refer to Link as the "twinless dude".[20]

At night, Darton will go inside the Stable to sleep.[21] While asleep, Darton will count one-colored Horses. When he wakes up, Darton will attempt to beat Shibo to the Horse pen.


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