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Dark World Shield Shop

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Dark World Shield Shop
Link To The Past - Dark World Shield Shop Interior.png
Inside the Dark World Shield Shop
Main Appearance(s)

The Dark World Shield Shop can be found directly west of the Pyramid of Power, and east of the Village of Outcasts, in A Link to the Past. This shop is completely fenced in, with its only access point along the Northern perimeter. Link must jump a series of fences to even get in.

In the Game Boy Advance version, the Dark World Shield Shop sells nothing except for shields. Like Likes were not in the original release of A Link to the Past, but in the GBA re-release, they can be found outside the Shield Shop, which is advantageous for this particular business. The Dark World Shopkeeper will not sell Link any shield inferior to the one equipped.

Wares and Pricing

Item Prices
ALttP Arrow Sprite.png
Arrows (10)
ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 30 Rupees N/A
ALttP Bee Sprite.png
ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 10 Rupees N/A
ALttP Mirror Shield Sprite.png
Mirror Shield
N/A ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 100 Rupees
ALttP Red Shield Sprite.png
Red Shield
ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 500 Rupees ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 70 Rupees
N/A ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 50 Rupees