Dark Chuchu

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Dark Chuchu
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Dark Chuchus are enemies in The Wind Waker.[1]


Tingle's Comment


Dark ChuChu

Looks like a Dark ChuChu!

You can't do anything to it right now!
(After obtaining the Mirror Shield)

It's the nasty Dark ChuChu! Use light to turn it to rock, then toss it! It'll shatter!

Dark ChuChus inhabit dark areas devoid of light, namely the Earth Temple and Ganon's Tower. Unlike other ChuChus, they cannot be harmed by ordinary weapons; attempting to do so results in the creature simply breaking up and regenerating. Instead they are highly weak to light - if they come into direct light, they will instantly turn to stone. One can be lured into a light source or else have light hit it. Picking up and throwing a petrified Dark ChuChu will shatter the stone and defeat it, or alternately, it can be smashed with the Skull Hammer. Petrified Dark ChuChus can be used as temporary weights in certain puzzles. For this reason, they often respawn after being defeated. They do not last long in stone form, however, and will eventually liquidize. They drop either red or green Chu Jelly.


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