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Dark Beast Ganon

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Dark Beast Ganon
BotW Dark Beast Ganon Model.png
Dark Beast Ganon from Breath of the Wild
Hatred and Malice Incarnate (BotW)
Other Media
Dungeon(s)Hyrule Field
Weakness(es)Bow of Light (HW | BotW)
Ancient Arrows (BotW)
Master Sword (BotW)
Twilight Bow (BotW)

Dark Beast Ganon is a recurring boss in The Legend of Zelda series.(TP | BotW)[2]


Twilight Princess

DarkBeastGanon TP.png
Dark Beast Ganon from Twilight Princess

After defeating Ganondorf's possession over Princess Zelda, all of the twilight power he possess begins to come together to form the Dark Beast himself, Ganon, a four legged gigantic beast that rampages across the throne room, destroying pillars to trample on Link. Link has no chance on landing hits on the Dark beast normally unless he can stop his rampaging. The Dark beast can vanish through the twilight and can appear in portals that randomly appear around Link. They appear red but when one becomes Blue, the Dark beast begins to stampede through it at Link. He can also randomly appear over Link in attempt to flatten him if Link isnt paying attention to the shadow on the floor.

The Dark Beast Ganon can be stunned in the middle of his tracks if Link shots an Arrow with his bow at the glowing jewel on his forehead, causing him to fall over and slide on his side exposing his weak point on his stomach, or Link can turn into Wolf Link and clash against him with Midna's hair hand, having her tossing the Dark Beast over to his sides. If Ganon is able to push Wolf Link up to a Barrier before Midna can toss him over, their attempt will have failed.

Breath of the Wild

Hyrule Compendium Entry

161 (166) Dark Beast Ganon
BotW Hyrule Compendium Dark Beast Ganon.png
After Ganon was defeated by Link, the remaining Malice pulled itself together to form this bestial creature. Its appearance and fiendish magic earned it the name of Dark Beast. This form is considered to be Ganon's original, although in this state, his awareness has been consumed entirely by Malice, and all he knows is a desire to rampage and destroy.
Common Locations
Hyrule Field
Recoverable Materials

Hatred and Malice Incarnate: Dark Beast Ganon is the final boss of Breath of the Wild. He is a gigantic, porcine beast covered by Malice and is the purest form of Ganon's rage. Dark Beast Ganon is fought in Hyrule Field after Link defeats Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle's Laboratory. Following his defeat, Calamity Ganon flees to Hyrule Field where he sheds his mortal form and sacrifices his ability to reincarnate in exchange for power,[3] drawing from all of his Malice. Zelda transports Link beside his Horse to engage Dark Beast Ganon in combat, offering up the only unbreakable weapon to repel him, the Bow of Light.[4][5] Despite this, it is possible to damage Ganon with the Twilight Bow, Ancient Arrows, or from Sword Beams from the Master Sword.

After the battle begins, Dark Beast Ganon will fire a beam of dark energy from his mouth towards Link, dealing 72 base damage. Zelda will warn Link that the Malice encasing Dark Beast Ganon's body renders any attacks on him useless,[6] so she plans to use her power to hold the Malice back, opening parts of Ganon's body to attack.[7] She does so by manifesting various sigils of light across Dark Beast Ganon's body, encouraging Link to attack when she does so and reporting successful hits.[8][9] These sigils initially appear on Ganon's shoulder, ribs and thigh on either side of his body. If Link takes too long, Zelda will be unable to hold back the Malice and the magical circles will disappear until she regains enough strength to try again.[10][11][12]

Dark Beast Ganon's exposed core

After Link has successfully struck Ganon six times, a sigil will appear on Ganon's stomach.[13] When this magical circle has been struck, Dark Beast Ganon will expose the core of his being: a gigantic eyeball located on his nape.[14] During this period, the sky will turn red, akin to a Blood Moon. To reach his core, Link must use the updrafts created by Ganon's dark energy beams to become level with it. As Link draws the Bow of Light, Zelda will urge Link to deliver the final blow.[15][1]

Upon the final blow being delivered, Zelda will escape from Dark Beast Ganon's core and glow with a holy light, stripping Ganon of his corporeal form and returning him to his ethereal state. In his desperation, Ganon attempts to attack Zelda, only to be driven back and engulfed by a sphere of golden light that destroys him.[16]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Main article: Ganon

In certain Battles in Adventure Mode, Ganon is also known as Dark Beast Ganon during his introductory cutscene. Dark Beast Ganon is identical in every respect to his Legend Mode counterpart. In Battle A6 of the Adventure Map, along with every other map that has a Final battle with Ganon, the credits sequence will begin to play immediately upon Dark Beast Ganon's defeat. In Challenge Mode's Ganon's Fury, the Dark Beast Ganon himself is playable where can rampage, smash and cause havoc on the battlefields of enemies and giant bosses.


  • Prior to the battle with Dark Beast Ganon in Breath of the Wild, Zelda states that Ganon has given up on reincarnation to fight in his "pure, enraged form." However, the dialogue in the Japanese version appears to contradict this, as Zelda says that the form was born from his obsessive refusal to give up on revival.[17]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Hatred and Malice Incarnate
Dark Beast Ganon
Japan Japanese 憎悪と怨念の権化 (Zōo to On'nen no Gonge)
魔獣 ガノン (Majū Ganon)
Embodiment of Hatred and Malice
Demonic Beast Ganon
Netherlands Dutch Vleesgeworden Haat
Incarnate Hate
French Republic FrenchEU Incarnation du mal et de la rancœur
Ganon, créature maléfique
Incarnation of evil and bitterness
Ganon, Evil Creature
Federal Republic of Germany German Fleischgewordener Hass
Dämonenbestie Ganon
Incarnate Hatred
Demon Beast Ganon
Italian Republic Italian Incarnazione dell'odio e del rancore
Ganon, bestia delle tenebre
Incarnation of Hatred and Resentment
Ganon, Beast of Darkness
Republic of Korea Korean 증오와 원념의 화신 (Zeung'o wa Won'nyeom-ui Hwasin)
마수 가논 (Masu Ganon)
Incarnation of Hatred and Malice
Evil Beast Ganon
Russian Federation Russian Воплощение злобьІ и ненависти (Voploshcheniye zlob'Í i nenavisti)
Чудище Тьмы Ганон (Chudishche T'my Ganon)
Incarnation of Evil and Hatred
Ganon, Ghost of Darkness
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Encarnación del odio y del mal
Ganon, bestia de las tinieblas
Incarnation of Hatred and Evil
Ganon, Beast of Darkness
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Encarnación del odio y del mal
Ganon, bestia de las tinieblas
Incarnation of Hatred and Evil
Ganon, Beast of Darkness


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