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Dampé's Grave

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Dampé's Grave
The main room of the grave
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Dampé's Grave is a location in Ocarina of Time that can only be reached after Link becomes an adult. It is also the setting for a racing minigame.

Features and Overview

Link is told by Sheik to go to Kakariko Village in order to access the Forest Temple, where he discovers that Dampé, the gravekeeper, has passed away and was buried in the Kakariko Graveyard.[1] Dampé's shed is now open with his diary inside, which prompts the reader to enter his grave and receive his "stretching, shrinking keepsake."[2] Dampé's tombstone, which has three flowers in front of it, is located right next to where the soft soil would be (on the left-hand side facing the inside of the graveyard). If Link pulls back the tombstone he will find a secret hole that he can fall through. Afterwards, he will see the ghost of Dampé asking to race.


If Link can keep up with the deceased gravekeeper until the end without falling too far behind, he will receive the Hookshot, which is needed to enter the Forest Temple and the Water Temple.[3] The race can be challenging at first, since the entire course is a big maze and Dampé throws flames which slow Link down if he is hit by them.

After the race, Link must play the Song of Time to remove a blue block with the Symbol of Time on it in order to exit the grave from the final room. This exit leads to the upper part of the Kakariko Windmill, allowing the young hero to get on top of the windmill and reach the Piece of Heart located on a high ledge.

After obtaining the Hookshot, Link can always race Dampé again. If he finishes the race in under one minute, the young hero will earn a Piece of Heart.


  • A similar place appears in Majora's Mask, the Deku Shrine where Link can race the Deku Butler.
  • As they are considered the same area in the game, both the Windmill and the Grave are identified in-game as "?".
  • Possibly due to an oversight, the ceiling contains the original Crest of the Gerudo on the GameCube and Virtual Console versions. It was removed in the 3DS version and replaced with a floral pattern.



  1. "Because of the evil power in the temple, she cannot hear the awakening call from the Sacred Realm... Unfortunately, equipped as you currently are, you cannot even enter the temple... But, if you believe what I'm saying, you should head to Kakariko Village..." — Sheik (Ocarina of Time)
  2. "Whoever reads this, please enter my grave. I will let you have my stretching, shrinking keepsake. I'm waiting for you." — Dampé (Ocarina of Time)
  3. "Hehehe, young man... You were very quick to be able to keep up with me! Hehehe! As a reward, I'm going to give you my treasure. It's called the Hookshot!" — Dampé (Ocarina of Time)
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