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Lorn (mother)

Dalia is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Dalia is a Gerudo child who lives in Gerudo Town. Dalia can be found sleeping at Lorn's General Store during the night and Lorn is her mother.[1] Link can find Dalia and the other three children in Gerudo Town speaking to each other as a group as the sun sets. Kalani asks them if they are in love.[2] Makure then responds that she wants to attend Ashai's class when she grows up and get married.[3] Pearle then comments that Ashai is unmarried and wonders what that means.[4] Lastly, Dalia says that she heard being in love is the sweetest thing in the world, but does not think she can handle something sweeter than berries.[5]

At a certain point, Link will find Dalia crying in an empty area near The Noble Canteen. She is crying because she wanted to plant a fruit orchard there,[6] but the water from the nearby water trough is unusable due to a flow of trash in it.[7] After she is finished speaking, Link will receive "The Mystery Polluter" Side Quest. Link finds out that the source of the trash is a Gerudo named Calyban who enjoys eating Hydromelons on the walls of Gerudo Town and throwing the rinds into the waterway. This pollutes the water trough that Dalia needs in order to grow a fruit orchard. Link convinces Calyban to stop by giving her 10 Wildberries.[8][9] Calyban then feels bad for Dalia, so she helps clean up the trash.[10][11]

When Link returns to Dalia, Calyban has already cleaned up her trash and left.[12] Dalia gives Link a Hydromelon that was given to her by "the lady who cleaned it up" as a thank you for caring about her.[13] Dalia says that she also gave her some Wildberries, so Dalia decides that she is going to grow a Wildberry patch there.[14] She tells Link he can come eat the Wildberries anytime he likes and "The Mystery Polluter" Side Quest will be complete.[15] Just as Dalia says, Link can come back later to find that three Wildberry plants have grown there.


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