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Dai is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Dai is a Hylian traveler who can be found outside the Coliseum Ruins. He is equipped with a Traveler's Sword and a Fisherman's Shield. Link can initially find him trembling near the entrance to the Coliseum Ruins, looking on in terror at the Lynel inside.[2][note 1] Upon speaking to Dai, he will be spooked by Link's presence and consequently chide him for scaring him.[4] Afterwards, Dai will explain that he is attempting to slay the monsters inside the Ruins for the treasure and Weaponry they guard.[5][6] If Link speaks to him a second time, Dai will boast about his skills in battle or suggest that Link scouts out the area first.[7][8] However, Dai will not actually go into the Coliseum Ruins. At midnight, Dai will fall asleep against the wall that he hides behind, dreaming of defeating the monsters inside the Ruins.[9][10][11] Dai will wake up and resume his activities at 05:00 AM.

If Link defeats the Lynel inside the Coliseum Ruins and returns to Dai, he will give Link a Silver Rupee, valued at 100 Rupees, for his trouble.[12][note 2] He will then tell Link that he can handle the situation on his own and bid farewell to the Hylian Champion.[13]


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  1. If it is Raining, Dai will blame his trembling on the Rain.[3]
  2. Dai does not gift the reward if the Lynel has become a Silver or Golden Lynel.


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