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FPTRR- mini apple.png
A Mini Apple
Creating Recipes

Ingredients are items used to craft Recipes in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[name reference missing]

Location and Uses

Most ingredients are dropped after defeating an enemy, though some ingredients can be obtained through interacting with the overworld, such as rustling trees or falling into bodies of water, albeit at the cost of 150 Rupees each time Tingle falls in.

List of Ingredients

Ingredient Location Method of obtention Recipes
FPTRR- aroma toadstool.png
Aroma Toadstool
Lon Lon Meadow Defeat Mushroom Men or Mountain Mushroom Means. One Love
Lon Lon Ketchup
Endless Love
Baby Shark.png
Baby Shark
Steamy Marsh Defeat various creatures, or fall in the water. Tasty Stew
Steamy Oil
Super Stew
FPTRR Bamboozle Grass.png
Bamboozle Grass
Cape Treasure Shaken from treees. Hand Potion
FPTRR- bitter newt.png
Bitter Newt
Gooey Swamp Defeat Purple Codiles. Tasty Stew
Gooey Tartare
Super Stew
FPTRR- bomb fruit.png
Bomb Fruit
Steamy Marsh Defeat Bomb Hugging Squirrels. Tingle Bomb
TRR Bone.png
Hometown Prairie Defeat almost any enemy.[which?] Tingle Fireworks
Sunshine Paste
Bum Peach
Mount Desma Shaken from trees. Desma Syrup
FPTRR- Crisp tomato.png
Crisp Tomato
Cape Treasure
Lon Lon Meadows
Shaken off trees. Simple Juice
Sweet Juice
Lon Lon Ketchup
Queen Juice
Emperor Juice
Devil Shell TRR.png
Devil Shell
Gooey Swamp Found in the water under the bridge. It costs 150 Rupees each time Tingle falls into the water in an attempt to obtain this item. Icy Bouillon
Electric Eel
Auros Ruins Defeating water-dwelling creatures.[which?] Auros Nampla
FPTRR- explosive claws.png
Explosive Claws
Deku Forest Defeat Turkeys. Deku Dip
Tingle Bomb
Nitro Bomb
FPTRR- Frizzy Carrot.png
Frizzy Carrot
Sunshine Seashore Defeat Bunnies. Hand Potion
Treasure Puree
FPTRR- gelatine.png
Deku Forest
Steamy Marsh
Gooey Swamp
Icy Plain
Mount Desma
Defeat Zolgels. Deku Dip
Tingle Bomb
Nitro Bomb
FPTRR- Ground shell.png
Ground Shell
Hometown Prairie Defeat Blue Running Crabs and Ball Spitting Ants. Tingly
FPTRR- Heart meat.png
Heart Meat
Lon Lon Meadow Defeat Cows. One Love
Endless Love
High-Class Rice
Fairy Garden Dig in the northern area. Fairy Vinegar
FPTRR- Large shell.png
Large Shell
Cape Treasure Defeat the Shell Carriers near the Crisp Tomato Tree. Hand Potion
Treasure Puree
FPTRR- Love Carp.png
Love Carp
Lon Lon Meadow
Steamy Marsh
From mapping elements. One Love
Steamy Oil
Endless Love
Marbled Meat TRR.png
Marbled Meat
Mount Desma Defeat Flaming Pigs Mega-Tingly
FPTRR- Minced Meat.png
Minced Meat
Hometown Prairie Available from many enemies, especially Pigs. Not exclusive to Hometown Prairie. Tingly
Sunshine Paste
FPTRR- mini apple.png
Mini Apple
Shaken off trees. Meat Soup
Super Soup
FPTRR- mini orange.png
Mini Orange
Cape Treasure Shaken off trees. Simple Juice
Sweet Juice
Treasure Puree
Queen Juice
Emperor Juice
FPTRR- misty mushroom.png
Misty Toadstool
Deku Forest Defeat Mushroom Means. Sleep Spray
Ultra Sleep Spray
FPTRR- Algae.png
Hometown Prairie Found outside Tingle's house. Sunshine Paste
Multi-Bomb Fruit TRR.png
Multi-Bomb Fruit
Mount Desma Shaken off trees. Nitro Bomb
Mount Desma Shaken off trees. Emperor Juice
FPTRR- paralysis claw.png
Paralysis Claw
Icy Plain Defeat Icy Plain Bears. Ultra Sleep Spray
Icy Bouillon
FPTRR- paralysis lily.png
Paralysis Lily
Deku Forest Found on trees. Sleep Spray
Ultra Sleep Spray
Icy Bouillon
FPTRR- pong flower.png
Pong Flower
Icy Plain Shake pedestals . Endless Love
FPTRR- power garlic.png
Power Garlic
Lon Lon Meadow Defeat Diving Moles. Seafood Soup
Ocean Soup
Pretty Flower
Fairy Garden Found on pedestals similar to moss. Fairy Vinegar
Rib Steak.png
Rib Steak
Steamy Marsh Meat Soup
Steamy Oil
Super Soup
FPTRR- salty octopus.png
Salty Octopus
Gooey Swamp Ocean Soup
FPTRR- skull.png
Gooey Swamp Defeat Codiles. Tinglene
Soft Egg TRR.png
Soft Egg
Gooey Swamp Dig in or around the dice-shaped area. Gooey Tartare
FPTRR- sour grapes.png
Sour Grapes
Gooey Swamp Shaken off trees. Queen Juice
Emperor Juice
FPTRR- sour watermelon.png
Sour Watermelon
Deku Forest Found on pedestals similar to moss. Sweet Juice
Queen Juice
Emperor Juice
Spicy Prawn
Mount Desma and Auros Ruins Collected by falling in the water or defeating Shrimp Golems. Super Stew
Auros Nampla
FPTRR Stripy Banana Sprite.png
Stripy Banana
Fairy Garden Defeat enemies stacked atop each other. Fairy Vinegar
Super Sweetcorn
Mount Desma Shake from a tree after paying the Yamatami farmer. Desma Syrup
FPTRR- sweet potato.png
Sweet Potato
Lon Lon Meadow Dig with a shovel. Seafood Soup
Lon Lon Ketchup
Ocean Soup
FPTRR- Tasty squid.png
Tasty Squid
Lon Lon Meadow Defeat Diving Moles. Seafood Soup
Ocean Soup
FPTRR Thick Meat Icon.png
Thick Meat
Icy Plain
Steamy Marsh
Defeat Icy Plain Birds or Kamonano Ducks. Tasty Stew
Steamy Oil
Super Stew
FPTRR- tough meat.png
Tough Meat
Icy Plain Defeat Icy Plain Birds. Super Soup
FPTRR- twisted tusk.png
Twisted Tusk
Deku Forest Defeat Hairy Fluffys. Sleep Spray
Deku Dip
Ultra Sleep Spray
FPTRR- Wakame Seaweed.png
Wakame Seaweed
Sunshine Seashore
Deku Forest
Examine the Shell Mound upon entering the Sunshine Seashore the first time. After that, it can only be obtained by falling in the water in the First Continent. The best place to do this is near the fisherman in the Sunshine Seashore. Sunshine Paste

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