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Father (deceased)[2]
Romani (sister)

Cremia is a character in Majora's Mask.[3]


Cremia is the elder sister of Romani. She manages Romani Ranch in place of her deceased father. She is a close friend of the Stock Pot Inn keeper, Anju,[4] and it is revealed by Romani that she has a crush on Kafei, Anju's fiancée.[5][6] She treats Romani like a child, a fact that annoys her younger sister. Since the death of her father, everything seems to have been going wrong for Cremia around the Ranch, likely due to the Gorman Brothers.[2] Cremia is known to be a kindhearted and caring sister, and is almost constantly working, trying to provide for herself and Romani. Despite this, she does not believe Romani about the Ghosts.[7]

If Link helped Romani save the Cows from the Ghosts, Cremia will invite him to accompany her on the ride to deliver the Milk to the Milk Bar. As the Gorman Brothers have blocked Milk Road, they ride down the Gorman Track instead. As the Brothers intend to steal the Milk, Link must prevent them from doing so. After they deliver the Milk, Cremia will reward Link with Romani's Mask.[8] If the quest is completed again after obtaining the Mask, Cremia gives Link either a Gold Rupee or an affectionate hug.[9] The decision amounts to a random choice with a 50/50 probability for either outcome.[10]

Even though some of the citizens of Clock Town take refuge at Romani Ranch on the night of the Final Day, Cremia reveals that she knows even they are not safe from the Moon in the Ranch, and sadly accepts the fate that awaits all of them.[11] Knowing that they probably will not survive, Cremia grants her younger sister, who does not know of the fate that will befall them, the wish to drink Chateau Romani for the first time, something she had been denying Romani since she was not an adult yet.[12] Furthermore, she acknowledges Romani as an adult and even promises to make her a Mask to officially signify her younger sister's status as a grown-up.[13] Before heading back to their home, Cremia asks her sister to sleep with her in her Bed, to which Romani agrees.[14]

During the ending sequence, Cremia can be seen cheering on her younger sister, who is practicing her Hero's Bow. Cremia is later seen witnessing Anju's wedding with Kafei.


First DaySecond DayFinal Day
Dawn of the First Day
6:00 AMRomani RanchTends to Cows on the southeastern side of Romani Ranch.
Night of the First Day
6:00 PMRomani Ranch HouseEats dinner with Romani.
8:00 PMRomani Ranch HouseGoes to bed.


  • There is a typo in the Nintendo 64 version of Majora's Mask when Cremia gives Link a hug.[15]
  • In the Majora's Mask demo, when Link shows Kafei's Mask to Cremia, she mentions Madame Aroma is her aunt.[16] This would have made her cousins with her crush, Kafei.[5] The final version has Cremia refer to "some middle-aged woman" instead,[17] albeit in a context where "some middle-aged woman" could not possibly be taken to mean anyone other than Madame Aroma.
  • Though the Triforce is not worshiped in Termina, Cremia has a Triforce-shaped belt buckle.
  • Romani and Cremia were set to appear in the Majora's Mask manga by Akira Himekawa but were cut as they could not fit them in the story. This omission is acknowledged in a side note at the end of the manga.[18]


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