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Crazy Tracy's Health Spa

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Crazy Tracy's Health Spa
LA - Crazy Tracy Interior.png
Interior of Crazy Tracy's Health Spa from Link's Awakening DX
Main Appearance(s)

Crazy Tracy's Health Spa is a location in Link's Awakening.[1]

Features and Overview

Crazy Tracy's Health Spa is located near the Goponga Swamp. It can be reached from anywhere in the overworld map by playing "Manbo's Mambo," as the song warps Link to Manbo's Pond in her front yard.

Wares and Pricing

Item Prices
First time Subsequent times
LADX Secret Medicine Sprite.png
Secret Medicine
LADX Blue Rupee Sprite.png 28 Rupees LADX Blue Rupee Sprite.png 42 Rupees


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